WANTED ** A few Brave Men and my Dad for support in The U.S.

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Please call my Dad Danny Thompson 33rd & 49th Reg, also known as scratter - 01274-632720 I have finally built up the courage to go to the media over here and need a few brave Men from my EOD Family for support.

My number here is 001-262-457-4584

I have a child to protect and am in a very scarey situation, so please do not hesitate to call my Dad.

Thank you

Claire-Marie Thompson
perhaps as a old time Sapper I should not comment...But then I did once before... so here goes again. This looks as dodgy as a hundred others, and just as convincing.......It was posted here some months ago. I queried it then, I do again. This source went quiet for some months and has now surfaced again.......
With all the good will in the World... I would not touch it with a barge pole!

It would be interesting to find out just how much She?He?They? have made so far?

swordman said:
perhaps as a old time Sapper I should not comment...But then I did once before... so here goes again. This looks as dodgy as a hundred others, and just as convincing.......It was posted here some months ago. I queried it then, I do again. This source went quiet for some months and has now surfaced again.......
With all the good will in the World... I would not touch it with a barge pole!

It would be interesting to find out just how much She?He?They? have made so far?

No probs, Enough Said...
OK Swordman,

I've just about had enough of your shitty comments. I would really encourage you to use your brain, if you have one and call my Father....I am absolutely certain he would LOVE to meet you. You mustn't be in The Royal Engineers, they don't sign up Muppets from what my Dad tells me. Gundolph and the lad's have stood by me and helped in anyway they could the way an EOD Family should and now your not only being disrespectful to myself, my Daughter, my Father but now to the Men and Women that have kindly reached out to us?....I don't know, but do I look Nigerian in my picture????? do you know how to find out information there or how to ask questions? how do WE know your not some 12 year old kid on his Mums computer????.....why don't you lay your life out on the table and let us bash you for a while????? but then again, taht would be no fun would it, your not 4000 miles from home away from your Family watching your child go through hell because of a corrupt Justice System are you? You haven't spent the last 7 years being run off the road or followed or had your life threatened have you? I'll tell you what, why dont you call my Dads EOD Mate over here in Kansas, somebody who knows everything and has driven up here .....many many miles just to check on me and my Daughter for my Dad?? P.M. me, I will gladly give you his number too. Here we go to hell with it, why dont you call Hannover Military Hospital Germany and ask them if a girl named Claire-Marie Thompson was born there on the 02nd Dec 1972?..not enough information, or am I STILL "iffy?"...ok, why not call The British Vice Consul here in CHicago, her name is Janet Bershers and ask her why my Dad was so worried about his Daughter & Granddaughter that The British Consulate demanded the Police go to my apartment and threaten to knock the door down (I was not there, I was at work) and go through every closet and room to check to see if I was there becuase my Dad hadn't heard about me???....still not enough information??....the only thing I have left is my blood type....o negative. You are a disgrace to my Father and his Brothers and what drives them to be what they are today and have always been. After fighting for 7 years and nobody listening you sort of go numb and give up for a while. I'm not on here asking for money, so you can relax, your beer money's safe....I am here reaching out with all I have left in a last ditch attempt to help my child who is also relying on what I have told her. I could not log in for the longest time, why dont you check with arrse admin? I'm finally back on again....for what? to be bashed by people like you who dont have any of the facts. I have all of the respect in The World for Gundolph, he at least has a back bone and sense of duty, of which the other Guys see too, which is why they are too here. I also have a child to protect, who is in a very volatile situation. There are some genuine people out there you know, so like I said before, have some respect for the other people on here and PLEASE call my Dad, Danny Thompson 01274-632720
Sorry Lads,

But Jesus Christ, I'm asking for my Dad and his EOD/RE Mates to come out here for some support and back-up, so you can see the whole picture. We are after all a Family and should treat each other as such, or does the past mean nothing?

Seeing the last comment from Swordman just pissed me off. I am my Fathers Daughter and certainly wont allow that kind of disrespect to go unnoted.

Fierce and fury lead - remember
Please google "Jessica's Voice" the website will explain exactly why I lost custody, click on the videos link and you will see an interview Edward McMillan-Scott did with The BBC.

I have been in contact with Stacey Ferguson and her Dad (who now lives in Novia Scotia with his lovely Wife Michelle, who calls me nearly every other day to check up on me and my Daughter)

This Worldwide convention set up in the Hague was set up primarily for a War Time Situation, but is being very widely abused today and is hurting children more than it is helping them.

My Dad has put many many comments on there and so have I, Little Jessica, if you look at her blog has even written a letter to Sydney, my Daughter over here.
and swordman.....if you look at my profile there should be a link where it shows comments I've posted....it shows there exactly how much was raised, I then closed the paypal account as it was in my former married name. But let me tell you anyway and yes, I do still have the e-mails from paypal in a folder on my computer named "33rd Reg Help" but let me tell you anyway, about $200 US Dollars, which converts to about 90-100 Great British Pounds with the exchange rate, I also had a very nice EOD Lady over here in The States donate $200 by herself.

My Dad sent over all he had which was about $1600.00 converted and I had to come up with the rest myself by way of selling my furniture, begging, stealing and borrowing to make up the total of actually $5500.00 that has been given to my Attorney to help my Daughter.

...now I haven't seen my Daughter for two weeks and it is now 128 am here, she is upset, hungry, tired and having problems sleeping...would it be ok with you if I go and snuggle with her? and could somebody PLEASE call my Dad and ask him if he could please call me. Since I sent him their latest antics via e-mail last Monday, yes folks, now they are trying to deport me so I can't see my child for 10 years...I haven't heard from my Dad, which is out of character for him. I just hope he hasn't had a heart attack from all of the stress.

Do not insult Swordsman, for that alone you won't get my support, :threaten: and I hope a lot of people feel the same. :pissedoff:
Strange thing. We know that journos looking for a cheap story trawl through here. From what the lady has told us, there is a cert sob sob sob story here but I've seen nothing to suggest that it has been publicised this side of the pond. Make a nice column alongside the one re the CoH inquest. Maybe they have seen it and there is some reason none has run with it?
Holdfast said:

Do not insult Swordsman, for that alone you won't get my support, :threaten: and I hope a lot of people feel the same. :pissedoff:
Aye. Me too.
DD72 You unleash a tirade of insults yet fail to take note of our comments or even attempt to see things from a different perspective. Im fully prepared to accept you're genuine however your pleas fall on deaf ears with me. I hope you do get the help you need from your 'EOD family' but this callsign wont be supporting

And if Family is so important (you mention your RE/EOD family)I suggest you take time out to find out who Swordman is.

Gundulph, Not everyone on the planet shares your view. I suggest you reread Swordman's comment without thinking he is on at you.. He in no way says YOU. He means DD72.
Stop jumping on the defensive and open your eyes to what other people see. It looks dodgier than hell. The person posting (DD72) is arrogant, obnoxious and demands that the family support her. Where does she /he /they get off coming on here and demanding anything? The posts have gone from politeness and now sit at 'downright bloody rude' yet she/he/it still demands we support them.

Sorry. But NO! DD72 Whether youre genuine or not. I can think of many many deserving cases. Contact SSAFA forces Help. See what they can do for you.


The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help is the leading national charity committed to helping and supporting those who serve in our Armed Forces, those who used to serve, and the families of both.
There is no way that anything I posted was aimed at you. If the tone of my posting gave that impression? then I apologise sincerely and unreservedly.

But I must ask this: has no one checked up on this Thread? Apparently this thread was going long before I arrived on the scene, and I am not quite sure what it is all about.

The ferocity of the answers that arrived here, hardly inspire confidence.
But that is for you to decide.

Surely it should be checked on? If I recall there was a nurse over here that was mentioned previously. Could she not be contacted to verify the truth of this.
If this is found to be a genuine case. Then I will apologize profusely and contribute myself. But surely it is wise to take the trouble to at least find out.
The whole thing does seem a little confused...


Why have the few men to be 'brave' and what exactly will they be expected to do? Why hasn't your Dad come on the site asking for help? Since when were you 'family? Have you tried the A Team?

You obviously take people for mugs.
Said before and I'll say again....if this is such a big "family" thing, then why have we heard nothing of this in Sapper mag, or Soldier mag or why has it not done the rounds in the SSAFFA newsletter?

I got ripped off by someone on the net who had a lot of very convincing paperwork to back their "claims" and I shall not be such a mug again believe me.

If your plight is a genuine one then you have my sympathy's but coming on this site and abusing one of our respected members is not the way to win brownie points with us lassie.

When and if I hear about this throuigh the Sapper mag or Soldier mag, then I may....may mind you donate and help.
Dannys Daughter 72.

The last thing on my mind is to stand in the way of helping anyone that needs it. To that end, I have apologised profusely to Gundulph for any thing that could possibly be seen as offensive, and am genuinely sorry if I caused an upset......

Surely the answer is to authenticate your plea.

There are so many cases on the Internet theses days, that genuine cases need to be thoroughly cleared and made known as genuine.
That would clear the air and would set peoples mind at rest.

If your case is genuine? then surely you would welcome the chance to have it cleared as someone that needs help? The ferocious attack that you posted against me.......certainly does not help.

If, as you claim, your case is genuine, then I will go out of my way to help.......Seriously!

At this point, I would point out that the help you are likely to get from individuals..... pales into insignificance to the help that you may get from those with real influence.

With that in mind I would suggest several sources that would be to your advantage. They are:

The Not Forgotten Association.
The Royal British Legion.
The Royal Engineers Association
The ssafa.Org
For further information The Veterans Agency.
All of the above can be found easily on the Internet.

If your case in authentic? then I will certainly do my best for you. It was your plea published in the public domain, for all to see. Then surely you would welcome your case investigated, and cleared as genuine in the public domain.

If that happens then you have would strengthen your case. If you need help with getting in touch with these Service associations and Orgs I will be only to plreased to help....

What do you need? Let me know? I would think a good place to start would be my Father. He has been busy posting things on other sights . He also did some stories in The Bradford Telegraph and Argus that were on the front page a couple of times. I apologise too if I came off as attacking you, but this is one of the reasons I stopped coming on here in the first place. I am not here for money I am here hoping that somebody will hear us and find a way to come out here to possibly give us some support. I would also ask that you be respectful of my Mum and if you should need to call her, I can give you her home phone number, I don't want her having any problems at work. Do you guy's not see my Dads telephone number when I post it on here? The original journalist at The Telegraph and Argus was John Roberts, you can check on it but I am not sure if he is there anymore, I sent him an e-mail way back and his e-mail came back to me. I just can't believe with all of the information I have already given that nobody seems to be able to verify who I am? so instead of trying to do something here I am spending the majority of my time verifying who I am. I don't know what else I can do? if you can think of anything let me know. Maybe I should just accept the fact that I am looking in the wrong place for support, especially with the wisecracks - lucky for those of you that posted those taht this is not your Daughter or Granddaughter going through this. Swordsman, I thank you for the information, sincerely. When I get my phone sorted out I would be happy to call . I have been under so much stress for so long with no support, nothing. I am still waiting for my Dad to call me. Does anybody live local in The Yorkshire area?
...and Swordsman, the anger stems from the crap that these people have been putting me and my Daughter through over here. It's very hard to express yourself properley on this thing. Maybe I should just stick to phone calls? Also, when a newspaper does a story they don't tend to like to start it up again. I called The BBC in 2 different regions of Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and I was told that they didn't normally do stories about what is going on in the US, my Dad said its probably because its too controversial? I would be more than happy if something did run in teh magazines you talked about. The Journalist at the Bella magazine that did our story was a lady called Saskia Leisk. We also did a story in The Daily Telegraph paper and magazine, I have brought that information up before by looking in their archives section. please feel free to e-mail me if you can't find it and I will send you the links and copy and paste all the information as well. Again swordsman, I apologise for the comments....the frustration is overwhelming and I ahve told our story over and over again over here, but its a little different when your not on your own turf. I can guarantee you this though, those people of authority over here that have abused that becuase they've had nobody watching over their back becuase I'm not from here will be held accountable - I wont stop that fight for my Daughter, never.


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