Wanted 70s issue Bata plimsoles

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Eric_Bloodaxe, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I served 67 to 77 and am after a pair of the black issue Bata plimsoles in size 7, 8 or 9. Has anyone still got a pair tucked away in the kit bag they want to sell or better still give away!!! :D
  2. Have you tried woolies they used to sell the alf tupper road slappers
  3. Why would you want them?

    They were crap then, and I'm sure they haven't improved over the years!

    BTW are your feet of variable size?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    For God's Sake, man - WHY?
  5. Spanking the missus probably - they did have their uses you know.
  6. Can't find my old road slappers, would these do instead?

  7. Ditto!
  8. Can't think WTF you'd want with a pair of the old road slappers :eek: but
    think I've 2 pairs 1 White & 1 black, still polished from Jnr Bleeders (which is probably the last time I wore them).Think they're size 9. By the way should you also want to take the buttonstick,pair of puttees and a pair of draws cellular also (all rarely worn, stored in a MFO box in garage since c1989) and other obselete kit tucked away (in case It may come in usefil, as if :lol: )
    Your more then welcome to fill yer boots :D .
  9. I have a brand new never worn Black size 9 you can have PM me , Hus carl Ill have the Button Stick if you like
    All The Bessst
    8) 8)
  10. Fond memories...................they got me 10 days Light Duties at JLR/RAC...............bruised heels....what else were they good for? :twisted:
  11. I have some in my garage loft together with some old 70's combats if you are interested -their rather fetching in a sick kind of way.
  12. I still have the white pair (size 10 unfortunately) that I had to bull black overnight....

    Anyone remember having to put one in each kidney pouch as part of the basic load list during training/beastin....? I used to feel jealous of those who only had size 8 feet and could get the lid closed on the pouches...
  13. Eric_Bloodaxe
    Tried To Email you,wont have it. pm where you want them sending and Ill sort it
    All The Bessst

    :roll: :roll:
  14. Are they the lace up ones, or the elasticated gusset-type ones?

    If its the latter, get yerself down to Lahndan, statrt a fight in any given pub in the Mets TAOR and make sure you're covered in blood/vomit.,all down you, like.

    The lovely boys in Blue (or more accurately black and white) will scoop you up and take you back to a beautifully appointed custody suite. Once you are booked in they will carefully strip you and.......

    Hey presto, a brand new set of casual sweat wear and on your 'plates'.....brand new gutties!

    And that, is a right touch.