Wanted 70s issue Bata plimsoles

Hi, I served 67 to 77 and am after a pair of the black issue Bata plimsoles in size 7, 8 or 9. Has anyone still got a pair tucked away in the kit bag they want to sell or better still give away!!! :D
Can't think WTF you'd want with a pair of the old road slappers :eek: but
think I've 2 pairs 1 White & 1 black, still polished from Jnr Bleeders (which is probably the last time I wore them).Think they're size 9. By the way should you also want to take the buttonstick,pair of puttees and a pair of draws cellular also (all rarely worn, stored in a MFO box in garage since c1989) and other obselete kit tucked away (in case It may come in usefil, as if :lol: )
Your more then welcome to fill yer boots :D .
I still have the white pair (size 10 unfortunately) that I had to bull black overnight....

Anyone remember having to put one in each kidney pouch as part of the basic load list during training/beastin....? I used to feel jealous of those who only had size 8 feet and could get the lid closed on the pouches...
Are they the lace up ones, or the elasticated gusset-type ones?

If its the latter, get yerself down to Lahndan, statrt a fight in any given pub in the Mets TAOR and make sure you're covered in blood/vomit.,all down you, like.

The lovely boys in Blue (or more accurately black and white) will scoop you up and take you back to a beautifully appointed custody suite. Once you are booked in they will carefully strip you and.......

Hey presto, a brand new set of casual sweat wear and on your 'plates'.....brand new gutties!

And that, is a right touch.

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