WANTED- 67 Airborne Gunners

yes thats right 67 of the buggers due to the failed retention carder course 02 we are now looking for new chaps. must be Bdr or below willing to work long hours not have a sense of humor and like running if interested then you must be mad
Now would this be the cadre course run in canada ?If so put my down for another it was jolly good fun SIR ::)
Well fellers
 I thought the tour was a great and a lot of training was achived. There was stuff done out there that could never be matched on SPTA.
The SNCOS were the best bunch of blokes in the world and BQMS could not have done a better job if he had tried (which we all know he did). :eek:
yes it was the best run cadre i have ever been on .The sncos did a good job of treating the blokes like recruits ,but my biggest complaint was that there was no best student,NEVER MIND MAYBE NEXT WE COULD HAVE ANOTHER RETENTION TOUR(CYPRUS MAYBE,MAYBE NOT )
I Think that the best student award will be given out at the end of course p*ss up.
If not it will be in the post to the lucky bugger who earnt it. As a final word i would like to say "BSM that was absolutely fantastic"
When i grow up i want to be just like the Sncos so i too can follow the Bsm around like a lap dog and repeat everything he says but just a bit louder,

But in relation to the canada tour, i miss the early morning runs, and the frequent irrelevant briefings,

But i do remember this one time on the cardre course when we had a day off and even a game of football.
Well the thing to remember is that the football was good, but we had better times. We were allowed to do the inter PLT comp which was a good crack before the the TASH turned up and made it all that bit more fun.
Shame that it was taken that serious that we had a wee up at the end (oh we didnt)
well  guys i think you now can look to the future and ready yourselfs for the Canada trip next year.REMEMBER to pack your footie boots for that morale raising game your sure to have,an d once youve had it remember to thank the SNCOs for squaring you away with the bag of morale ;D

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