WANTED 58 pattern

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by jockaneese, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. I'm after a set of 58 pattern sa80/m16 pouches (see photo)

    I've got various buckshee lying about for swapsies
    or good old fashioned readies.


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  2. That's rare as!

    Remember seeing them advertised in the Silverman's catalogue in the mid 1980's as "SAS" something or other.

    Good luck - you'll need it! :D

    Edit for picture.
  3. go to kitmonster-they have brand new ones
  4. I almost typed "Feck orrff and buy yer own!!!!"

    You want 58 webbing for SA80 etc mags? splutter smirk.... cough!!!

    WAhhhhhHHHH (I'm getting cramp as the caps lock button is on holiday..)

    I've a set of 72 or 74 webbing that may suffice?
  5. What is getting your Goat Sparky?
  6. Hmmmm... 58 webbing for SA80 mags...

    I'm just jealous because SA80 mags won't jack-in-the-box out of 58 webbing like SLR 7.62 mags did....

    Jugglers in a circus couldn't catch springs, mags, rounds and the wee bottom plate like we could.. on the run as well!!!

    Mag catching walts the lot of them...

    and breathe... and breaaaaathe....
  7. Oh and before I put the "74" SAS webbing on ebay be warned;

    The mag pouches on the left and right wouldn't hold lipstick and compacts never mind 5.56 (my sister reliably informed me about ten years ago).

    It has a yoke but no kidney pouches. I kid ye not..

    The "large" pack HAHAHAHA we know and love is part of the webbing, in the region of where the "bungeed" kidney pouches should be.

    It will hold; a book for reading/travellers guide, one sandwich, a toilet roll and a packet of cigarettes and... at a push, a Clipper lighter.

    Even the Airsoft community wouldn't touch it. Not that I've tried to punt it to them.

    No wonder it faiked in the trials. As to how I aquired it? I lost a bet.
  8. Those pouches came in 7.62 SLR or 5.56 M16 IIRC
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I also had a set of those on my patrol webbing in NI, rarely full though!
    They were survival aids as well!
    Edited to add they were deep enough to hold the 30 round mags for the L85 and also slr mags. In fact I lent the kit to our WO2 who only used 20 round colt mags in his AR. He was happy!
  10. im sure silvermans sell them