Wanted - 200000 UK AFV Recognition books


War Hero
Time for every yank soldier to be issued one and for every yank airman to have one rammed 3 foot up his arrse so he can see it to read it.   :mad:
No fly zone??  What me worry??

The A10 is still the best aircraft the Iraqi airforce ever had.  Asymmetric warfare at its very best.

Economy of Effort or what??

Cheers easy!!!   :p

PS:  who ever is advising your ministers, needs to read up a bit more about what this Network Centric Warfare is really about.  Perhaps by GW3 you will have grasped, its about full visibility of ALL assetts, not just the enemy's.  

Try  Here http://www.dodccrp.org/ncwPages/ncwPage.html

Not here:   http://news.mod.uk/news_headline_story.asp?newsItem_id=1848

Someone on your side really hasn't grasped the "Spend to Save " concept.

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