Wanted!!! 2 x JS Ski Instr Alpine + Ski Tour Leader

Before anyone groans, I have already tried the ahrc.co.uk site and trawled the instructor search. I've turned to arrse for help to find qualified ski instructors!

I am currently organising a Regtl Ski Exped to Neustift in Austria for 14 PAX from PM 26 Mar - 7 Apr 11. The aim is for all students to complete BSP Alpine and Ski Tour Proficiency (STP).

There would be a personal contribution of £150 (although this is likely to be lower once the accounts have been reconciled). CILOR has been applied for also.

We will be arriving on the afternoon of the 27 Mar to begin skiing on the morning of 28 Mar. The final day on the piste will be 6 Apr, so 10 days awesome days in total. We will be travelling back on the 7 Apr.

As it stands, there will be 2 x groups of 7 students split according to ability. There are 7 novice skiers who will need BSP and will be the beginners group. The other 7 of us are probably at ASP level and beyond who will do more advanced / fun stuff. The aim is for all to get BSP and STP for all 14 PAX.

If you would be able to support the exped or know of anyone who could, I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward me their details or point them in the direction of this post; my email address is burmapl-atrb@itg.mod.uk

Hope to hear from you soon.