Wanted 2 Armd Bdes


Tony Blair is looking for 2 Armd Bdes, a Div HQ and a logistic tail to start his new adventure in Iraq.  Notwithstanding the difficulty that we had in raising the force for Gulf War Part 1, are we seriously going to get this lot together to support the mad Texan.  Does this now scotch the idea that MBTs are a weapon platform of the past and have no place on the modern battlefield?  Answers on a postcard to 10 Downing Street.


War Hero
looks like its over to the Army Cadet Force. The regular army is to tied up being international social workers, the TA couldn't possibly get the time of work.

Don't moan about a new war, lads! There might finally be some real soldiering to go around!

Or perhaps you'd like wait for some fecking floppy to let off a suitcase bomb in a western capital?

Who do you want to line up with - old friends who've actually got the bottle to spend the money where it's needed and go after these evil bastards, or chippy whingey euro-whores, who we've never been able to count on for anything other than wasting our money and creating extra bureaucracy (European Rapid Reaction Force for example).

Good for the Yanks. More power to them.


Nursey - for once I actually agree with you!

I for one would welcome the opportunity to go and join the Yanks for a bit of a scrap in the desert. The one major benefit that I can see from it is that the annual arguments about who's parents you are going to spend Christmas with would be rather simple!


In my small and humble opinion of all all things great and not so great (that being the yanks) the reason being for a big push on Iraq is due to americas need to still feel they are untouchable which they are blatenly not.

I don't meen to teach people how to suck eggs  ??? but all you have to do is look at the way they run their ops and such. They have a man for each job in a detachment and generally do things competely opposit than us brits.

Despite all this I say bring on the sun tan and the LSSA  ;)
Three cheers for the great desert adventure (Pt 2). But the question still remains, who the hell is going to go on it?  ???

The TA are supporting operations, exercises and static units with either short term deployments or FTRS (The rest are okay for the weekends, but not next weekend as I have to go to a wedding!).

The reservists would love to turn up, but you have to pay them over the top to make sure thay don't loose out and that's an expensive way to go to war. They may also require a few months to train them back to standard

The regular army are doing their best stopping playground fighting in numerous places over europe, the middle east and africa while still pretending that they have the men and equipment on the ground to provide a fighting armoured divison. Add to that the static infrastructure and the need for the lads to get leave and career courses between their deployments and we are getting close to having nobody to send but Bob and his dog!

Remember when there was an army? Since then they've cut the manpower too far (Oooops) and added commitments in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Afganistan, and as each one was added we were told that the army is 'busy' but not 'overstreached'.

Oh bring back BAOR.... that's the British Army of the Rhein.... 4 Armoured Divisions ready to do somebody reall damage... not British Army over the Road, 1 Armourd Division (Nearly) with some kit that might work given enough notice and all it's bods away on tour so if you just don't mind re-booking the war for late next year we could turn up with a Bde- if that's okay with you.

Not knocking the blokes.... but I might just be taking a pop at a politico or 2  ::)


Scratch 3 Cdo Bde, unless they can call in on the way back from Bagram. Apparently the Yanks are a bit tired because their 72 hour planned battle lasted 3 weeks.
They're probably also getting a bit tired of killing each other instead of taking an objective.  Speaking of which.. no news of Bin Laden yet?
Does this mean that all the lessons that we learnt on Ex S-S will be put in place - like spending £14 on air filters rather than spending £20,000 on new engines...... I mean did anybody from JFLogC read the PXR from the Gulf?
Who the hell reads PXR's? Senior officers don't bother because they are the old sweats and have done it all before.

PXR's give junior staff officers something to do. I mean, we managed every other time with a few mistakes, we're going to be able to manage again with the same mistakes, aren't we?

Me a cinic?


How a few weeks can change the world.....
Our "oh so great leader Tony" is currently this weekend working out how this great army of ours is going to solve the Isreal/Palastine problem first before moving on to Iraq.

Dont think I am kidding - imagine it Deploy the ARRC to Isreal (well the brit elements of the ARRC, as jonny foriegner only turns up on PSO and only then when its all sorted) sort out that little squabble after all its only 2,000 years old and if Tone says the UK can sort then the UK can sort it. He " Our great leader Tone" can then claim that the ARRC is being recovered back to Bks (top deception plan) and then carry out another flanking attack thru Syria and into Iraq.

Oh yes its like 1991 again only more obvious and on the cheap and with less tps and cash......but its ethical now ......yeah right!

Remember you heard it here first !!!!!!!!!!!!

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