Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by dave22, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,
    I am willing to pay for 10 x Black MOD/Army notebook covers as long as they are not stolen.

    My email address is: dave@ocallaghan31.freeserve.co.uk

  2. He's building his own private army and is starting with the notebooks then taking it from there.
  3. how would anyone have that many unless they were stolen?
  4. Chocolate frog = beacuse they are handy in the job i am currently in.

    Spaz = no, i'm not.

    Filbert fox = how about someone who runs a surplus store?

    Anyway, i would like to thank the three of you for your constructive, witty and intelligent replys. Well done...
  5. Lying around on a train somewhere, or at least a stray memory stick, possibly.
  6. No problem I aim to please. How much for a tatty second hand brown one? It was used at the battle of Biffins Bridge if that will bump it up a bit.
  7. 1. You join an army related site for no other reason than to try to get hold of some military-related kit.

    2. You then start crying because everyone questions your motives and/or sanity. (Let's face it, why would anyone need that many?)

  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Why is J S starting a new training Course?
  9. Why can't you just buy standard notebook covers? Those types of covers are available in all types of colours from several outlets, including ebay, so what is your motive for wanting covers with MoD on the front?
  10. WALT, I claim my prize.

    I have only ever had the brown covers.
  11. Did modplod not have black ones?

    I have 1 or 2 lying in the cupboard, iirc our wksp clerk got hold of a couple of boxes of them, with inserts and handed them round. Everyone had a slack handful, so many that a box was lying about 1/2 full for weeks

    If I could be arrsed going to check I would, but I cant.

    Its only a notebook cover so get down staples and buy something similar and less walty.
  12. Always thought they were brown...

    Best off getting a waterproof notebook anyway, rather than having a covered but still soggy one on ex.
  13. I've used brown and navy blue. Maybe THEM get black :batman:
  14. Should have realised from his username, dave22 is really dave from 22. 8O

    Awaits them storming my house to get my notebook covers.