Wanted 1:50,000 Maps of Falkland Islands

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by still21inmymind, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Wanted 1:50,000 Maps of Falkland Islands, areas surrounding Mount Pleasant/Pleasant Peak and Goose Green/Darwin.

    PM me if you can help.
  2. 150000 - that's a lot of maps!

  3. My first suggestion:

    Nothing listed at that scale but if it's available I reckon they'll get it for you.

    They do all the Air navigation charts which are handy in less mapped parts of the world.
  4. That's so I might find one that I can read :D
  5. When do you want them for?

    The "Route Map from Stanley to MPA" is 1:50,000. I don't know about Goose Green/Darwin.

    I know a man who does, but I don't have access to a mil phone.

    I'd suggest a repeat post on PPRUNE if you get no further joy on here.
  6. I depart UK early November, so there's no mega-rush.
    Having Google earthed the route the Stanley-MPA route map might cover Pleasant Peak.
  7. Right. See you there, then.
  8. Still21,
    Have you got a slot on the Pilgrimage or just being given a change of scenery?
  9. T-M, pilgrimage mate.
  10. why don't you approach the 'system' to get hold of them? DGC at Feltham is the MOD map depot. Or alternatively if you can get to an MOD net phone call 42 Engr Regt (Geo) and beg for a bespoke map. They're a helpful bunch if you speak with the right person or their Adjt.
  11. Thanks for that, I will give them a try.
  12. DGC is now ICG at Feltham, if they don't have it, it doesn't exist!

    Ask for someone in the Map depot. I'm not giving out the managers name on here.

    The address is ICG, Elmwood Ave, Feltham, TW137AH
  13. Thanks smudge

  14. Just me being childish, I know.
  15. :D :D