Wanted – Director of Food and Sustainability for the British Retail Consortium.

Today the Daily Telegraph reports that Andrew Opie, the director of food and sustainability at the BRC (British Retail Consortium), has stated: "………Competition is strong in the petrol market. This is good for UK consumers who have a range of different choices of petrol retailer, as well as enjoying, pre-tax, some of the cheapest road fuel prices in Europe."
Andrew Opie, who I had never heard of until reading the OP, sounds like he needs to get a reality check.
I guess he also excludes duty from that figure. Who I wonder is running their motor fleet on tax free/exempt petrol? Don't most fleets run on die so? I would have thought that pre tax fuel is much the same price across Europe anyway.


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The fuel duty in the UK is an own goal. According to the Office of National Statistics 11% of money spend by people on retail items goes on petrol. (The equivalent figure from the Us is 15%).

About 65% of the price of fuel is duty. Were the government to reduce the duty the money would hopefully be spent elsewhere in the economy. The government's take would remain broadly neutral as they would still get tax income from the alternative spending. And the additional consumer spending would provide a boost for the economy as a whole.

What he's saying is, the fuel is not too expensive, the government is too expensive and he's quite right!
What wrong with that statement? Even post-tax "The UK has the 11th highest petrol price and the fourth highest diesel price" in Europe

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Given that the customer is obliged to pay post-tax, I don't see how he/she is in a position to "enjoy" the pre-tax price.

A bit like the government saying that we all "enjoy" our pre-tax incomes, but it's the post-tax income which is important.

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