How can it be 'Pashmina' (Goat wool) and 100% Cotton? I dunno, Trades Descriptions these days ......
'Kinell, you lot are easily pleased! having the new Roller on the news last I want one! OP if you really want a shemagh I'm sure mine from Granby is in the loft, yours gratis.
Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod, this is the best thing I've ever seen, I can't beleive it was worn by the British Army SF PARAS......
I'm off to bid on it right now......



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This one got me... Horsehair Sporran Royal Regiment of Scotland | eBay

A bog standard RRS sporran for £750!!! Thats onlt £650 more than normal..and it does not even say SAS!

I wouldn't give you 20p for that thing, when I handed mine in (fully brushed, hairsprayed, tassels in cardboard tubes, still in the original cardboard box etc), the man in the Clothing store threw it in the bin!!!!!

Horrible things anyway, take one step and it immediately looks like you're having an intimate sexual encounter with an old English sheep dog..

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