Want your medals mounted? Dont ask this blerk!

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Looking at the back page of the ol' May Crafty today i saw something that made me do this 8O .
    Is this some Commando trained joke that us non-Commando trained blokes dont get?
    'cos if it is, i fecking laughing Nickolaars
    Where is our Booty Boys' Afghan medal hiding? :oops:
    Time for a bit of Areas on the Sandhurst Drill Square perhaps
    Bullshite might baffle brains, thats why it didnt get past me!

    Edited to add image
  2. Put a piccy on now (Feck it off Mods if i aint done a good enough job on the Persec bit)
  3. Who gives a sh*t. He was my EME once upon a time and is a 100% top bloke.

    So I reckon he can do what he likes :)
  4. He's actually doing the right thing if he is waiting to be issued the medal. If you qualify for the medal but have not received it, you can wear the ribbon. A unit I was with were going to do it, but it would have looked very gash, so they didn't. Guess this fella has no taste :)

    Mind you, there is a scary looking bloke on the back row - must be an armourer! [no I'm not going to put the picture on here - look for yourselves]
  5. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I think you will find that he is being correct, if pedantic - that medal rack would indicate that he has yet to receive his actual medal from the medals office but, since he has earned it he is entitled to sport the ribbon until the shiny round bit is shoved across a desk to him by the Chief Clerk. Most of us would wait to receive the medal so that we did not incur the extra cost of having a rack mounted twice, but if he wants to waste his money, who are we to argue?
  6. Come off it Catch, at least he's got some ribbon! :lol:

    The poor sods still waiting on those overworked, dedicated, highly skilled, multitasking, wonderful chaps and chappettes in the medal office!


    PS If anyone from said Medal Office is reading this page; Where's my Telic 3 medal you fukcing useless Kunts!
    PPS If anyone from said Medal Office is reading this page; Stop surfin' the web and do some work you useless W4nkers!
  7. This person is obviously awaiting issue of his medal and has been told to wear the ribbon for parade purposes.It has been the norm in the infantry for decades.
  8. Nice one Centurion!
    How are ya CC me old china? (Army Navy t'moro?)
    Apologies to the worldly wise and spotters amongst you all, didnt mean to start chapter and versing it all ('cos i dont know it)just thought it looked odd/silly. I have always waited too! Boy have i waited.

    Maybe i should have put a piccy of the guy Nige is on about up.
    Geez he must be on a Devo register somewhere.
  9. At last, an educational thread. Never knew this.

    Cheers for making me wiser :)
  10. I need to see the wierdo.....where is the pic?? lol
  11. Cant really post it w/o compromising his persec but think Umpa Lumpa/Mekon heed/kiddie fiddla' sort of look and you are almost there.
    Put it this way i hope he isnt a regular baby sitter round the patch.
    Deffo got that Warhammer 50billion look about him.