Want to transfer to rmp

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jat2008, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi i would like sone advise on transferring from hcav to rmp i got my paperwork ready to fill in i wanr rmp as my 1 st chioce . Does anyone no what is the crack how long it takes and advise on what or how i should word my reason for transfer. Do you always get your first choice .
  2. Just make it up and throw in a couple of lies, it should hold you in good stead for when your writting out statements.
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  3. Make sure you use the correct abbreviation of RMP otherwise your application will go straight in the bin. :thumright:
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  4. Review your use of TXT speak...
  5. I would word your transfer honestly - You don't want to be transferring if you are only going on how a unit appears to be, without a fam visit. Why do you want to transfer?
  6. Make the bad man stop now.
  7. You're not getting in, so **** off.

    PM (Army).
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  8. I am guessing that you are not even serving and have your papers to join HCR / HCMR. If so - tell the recruiter. Tell him / her why and be confident.

    If you are already serving - there are 2 routes to transfer out of the Household Cavalry.
    1) PVR and re-join (this is the normal method)
    2) Be a ******* mong. That way they will do anything to get rid of you.

    Might sound piss taking, but I've known several try and fail to transfer out of HCR. It can be done, but it is a lot more common to transfer in.

    Oh, there is a 3) - Get in as a Trooper and then get commissioned, they'll stick you somewhere else then.
  9. Not in a month of Sundays with your command of the English language!

    And yes, I am bored!
  10. If serving tell the HCAV RCMO that you have information on a massive drug and weapon smuggling operation, and when your in the RMP you will get head the Operation to smash it. He will be impressed and the CO will know of your comittiment to change trades.....................You may last the night