Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lisanat, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Meridian Television are making a programme about some of the
    repercussions that the war in Iraq has had back home. We are therefore
    looking for stories from service personnel, families etc. who have
    been affected in one way or another by the war.

    If you're interested in taking part then please email
    lisa.keane@itv.com a short outline of your story.
  2. Iraq, My story: It's Sunni and it's Shi'ite!
  3. Mister mister you give me water! You provide the police with kit, police cars, training and they blow you up.
  4. Meridian TV is great, the last bastion of unbiased reporting. They got on and off the "save Haslar" bandwagon so quickly that Fred Dinenage was almost motion sick. That's when he wasn't "taking leave" as his daughter was running for the local elections, he was supporting her, and failed to realise that people were seeing him in his professional capacity rather than just as "her dad". Silly old Fred. Then there is the reporter known as "Poodle". If you want a pink and fluffy story covered, then Marcella Whittingdale is the one for you. Never one to shy away from reporting only one side of the story, or for crouching down beside small, sick children, Marcella will be there (just as soon as she has her makeup done). The only bonus on there at the moment is that "f*** to the top Kaplinski" has gone on to other engagements (literally), and that they keep wheeling out the weatherman that retired about three years ago (Carl Tiler), but I don't think anyone has realised that he died two years ago. It's just that his wife wants him out of the house because the smell is getting bad.

    And as for their coverage of local sport (local as in Portsmouth, possibly as far as Southampton, but everything else is a blur....) - forget it.
  5. Wow - An incisive brief if ever there was one.

    Any chance on being a little more specific? Either you're about to devote the rest of your output this year, to the many issues already covered by the media (in which case you're a bit slow off the blocks), or this is just a fishing mission to see what floats to the top.

    In common with most media types who post on this forum, you appear to do us, yourselves and your viewers a disservice.

    Let's start with who is Lisa Keane? A short paragraph on your career in the media and your role. Whether you're producing / directing a series, one-off documentary, human interest story for evening news bulletin, etc. Or, are you purely a researcher, who has been tasked to "do some research" into this topic. As a first time poster, I'm sure you can understand the concerns and common courtesies involved.

    The brief itself, "programme about some of the repercussions that the war in Iraq" - possibly you might like to quote some examples of the type of "repercussions" that you're referring to.

    Anyway, good to see that ARRSE is being asked again for material. Please don't forget to credit the site with any quotes, you use. The National Union of Journalists Code of Conduct is always a good benchmark for ARRSE'rs to refer to when responding to this type of request.


    NB. Incidentally, any thoughts on the NTL takeover bid of ITV. I believe the current bid values ITV at £4.3bn (excluding nearly £1bn of debt), and like many people, am worried that this takeover may result in the dumbing down of regional news outputs. I hope to be reassured, that this is not the case.
  6. I'll tell my story anywhere.
  7. Lisa had asked permission from Arrse RHQ before she posted this request, but seems to have forgotten to mention it.

    So please treat this reasonably seriously folks.

  8. Mrs Fox went to Telic 1 while I was in Sierra Leone (to which I went to 5 days after returning from a tour in Bosnia), which meant when I returned my house was in darkness and I had to cook for myself. Also meant we had 3 deployments running back to back to back.
    Then I deployed on Telic to discover my wife was deploying with the unit that was replacing mine! yet more back to back family separation., plus the usual tales of sand, mortars, poor welfare facilities, paying tax etc...
    Is that the sort of thing youre after Lisa?