Want to swear at plod? No problem!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Well, in fairness he was using it as part of normal speech rather than using it to be abusive to the Police.

    I think the Judge made the right call. As the chap was not in possession of any drugs could it be that he felt harrassed?

    More a victory against Political Correctness by Common Sense.

    If this were a crime you would have to arrest most of the British Army by NAAFI break on a Monday :)
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  2. The guy is clearly a liar though.

    When Denzel Cassius Harvey was asked if he had a middle name, he replied: "No, I've already ------- told you so."
  3. If obscene language in public is a crime, they ought to round up nine-tenths of the people who play football in public parks, who howl expletives at each other without cease.
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  4. Swear at the Filth? Oh good.

    You, Sir, are a ****!

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  5. Context? If I was to lift everybody who swore while talking to me, every cell in the country would be full by lunch time.
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  6. It will be decided by case law when someone else gets fined for harassment etc and the appeal court upholds the conviction.

    However I suspect that the CPS will now decline to prosecute people for gobbing off at plod, lowering in a stroke both the 'costs of justice' and the crime rate.
  7. It is a quite simple one

    The appeal concluded that the teenagers and Police Officers present were not limp wristed fannies and therefore would not be likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress by the word ****.
  8. And also, it would seem, has given the ***** a message that, should they wish to gratuitously charge somebody after they have failed to achieve what they set out to in the first place (ie do the little ****** for drugs), then they are on a hiding to nothing.
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  9. Isn't it an old principle ? That an officer of the Queen's Peace cannot be provoked or offended to occasion a breach of the peace.
  10. And for the Boys in Blue own comment on the matter: POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

    Apparently not impressed but not exactly on the outrage bus either.
  11. I read this that Mr Harvey was swearing in the context of his speech and not aimed at or directed to the officers.

    So what exactly did they arrest him for? Swearing at police officers or swearing in public? Obviously Mr Bean (for it is he) decided that it wasn't aimed at them?

    Perhaps the title of the Torygraph's peice (and this thread) should be:

    Judge: it's no crime to swear in the presence of police, they are used to it

    Non story really
  12. I find him quite rude, and his overall tone is very menacing.
  13. I've not read the reportage on this but this was old news when I joined plod back in 2001. I don't understand why its suddenly such a big deal.
  14. That was discussed on Arrse by a couple of the resident coppers a few years ago. It seemed that they believed that someone had to be offended by the sweary words and coppers wouldn't be so easily shocked. The other copper commented that the SOP was to say that an approaching mother had been so shocked and had hurried her child to the other side of the street.

    I was so impressed by (what appeared to be) two coppers exchanging tips on committing perjury on a public forum, that i looked it up on Google, which directed me to some police forum, where it had also being discussed. It seems that someone being offended was an urban myth. The Section 5 Public Order Act (or whatever) simply says it is an offence to swear on a public street where someone could be offended. Swearing in a building wasn't an offence.

    If it was the Section 5 thingy he'd been charged with, I think you'll find it is an offence, whatever Mr Judge might decide. I can't be arsed to look it up. It could probably be overturned if the CPS wanted to appeal. They probably won't.
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