Want to run some PC Game competitions

Want to run some competitions for some small prizes thru the ARRSE site.

What game shall we play tho?

Want it to be fun and most people need to have access to it.

Yeah at the moment I am thinking Starcraft 2 and Bad Company 2.
I must play world of tanks looks like a laugh :D


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COHO? It's free, so everyone with a half-decent PC can get into it.

Definitely seconding TF2, COD and BFBC2!
TF2 i know i am good at that.. ;)


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MOHAA? that way people who dont have uber-gaming rigs would be catered for. (then agasin, if they didnt have uber gaming rigs the chances arethey wouldnt be playing anyway...and I've gone crosseyed.) anyway, I like MOHAA.

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