Want to rent Cultybraggan ?

Selling Cultybraggan - with hindsight

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Not sure which forum to plank this in - but I happened to drive by Cultybraggan today so swung off the road for a closer look-see. Two years after we sold it to the local community for the sum of £300k ( !) there are contractors at work....

A look at the community website


Shows they are planning to rent out refurb Nissen huts for about £3k a year each.

Personally I still think the sale was a mistake, we are now short of training accommodation....
And feezing - in the middle of summer..................you know, that day in Scotland when the sun comes out!!!!
Cultybraggan was pretty good had it been been looked after. Units in Scotland could have used it quite regulary as the facilities were good. However we were bussed to the far south such as Thetford to carry out training, with the same facilities. Scotland had a training camp with potential all be it requiring upgrade. I was last there in 1998 for Ex Bonnie Dundee.
I hope that whoever moves in, every truck misses the entrance and turns into that pr*ck Irvines farm and asks for directions to the old army camp.

I wonder if the huts have retained the old wood-burning stoves? Two settings - fckuing freezing and melting hot!
Happy days.

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