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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mkhatter, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. at 31 i am considering joining the army but after to many pies on the terraces and pints in the pub im fat so looking for advice to lose my weight to get "army fit". :(
  2. Go into your local ACIO and ask them for a fitness brochure and for a reception chat so they can give you all the relevant information and also check your eligability. I have heard recently that the upper age limit was increased to 33 but Im not too sure what jobs are open to you, so they will be able to let you now the full details.
  3. cheers mate will do
  4. Good luck also !
  5. Cut out the pies, cut back on the beer and join a gym.

    If you haven't done any exercise for a while, start slowly and build up the intensity as you get fitter.

    Do a lot of swimming, weight training 2-3 times a week doing low weight and high repetitions, and cycle a couple of times a week building up to about 60 mins. All of the above will build up the muscles you need for running and increase your stamina, then you can concentrate on your running.

    Good luck old timer! :D

  6. Good advice T_M, but he's only a young pup, just needs to lose that puppy fat.
  7. Thanks for the advice i have started cant really afford the gym though but will do the rest cheers lads
  8. good luck matey!
  9. Is this obese old git going to be fit for purpose. Apart from the physical probelms this man appears to have a 31 year is unlikly to fit in well with a bunch of teenies; unless he is even stupider than the usual requirement. Even some one who was stupid enough to qualifiy for as a teeny is likly to have learnt to think a bit by 31.
  10. What were you doing when you were 31 Iron? I bet you were sniffing glue in the park weren't you?
  11. WTF?!?!

    So all the army are stupid? :twisted:
  12. TACont, are you telling him not to bother, or just steering him towards the TA instead....?
  13. Even stupider (if that is even a wrod?) than the average TA Soldier :?
  14. Bloody hell 31 was so long ago I can hardly remember, I think I was getting squeezed through the fat barsteward sprocket in the Crab and Sprocket in the falklands and celebrating the millenium at the start of the year. Had the Berlin wall come down before you were 31 mate :wink: