Want to join the TA in London?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Cant believe that no one has mentioned it already but:

    If you are thinking about joining the TA in London get yourself down to Op London Soldier at Chelsea barracks tomorrow or Saturday and have a look around.

    Best thing to do is not bother with the rest and just wander over to one of the nice chaps on the Royal Yeomanry stand and tell them you want to join up!

    Details of Op London Soldier here and the Royal Yeomanry here

    Disclaimer: there are other units which you could join and you should check out all the others before making your decision. The right decision is to join the RY though!
  2. I'll be there. Any other ARRSErs planning on being there, either bimbling through or on a stand?

    Beer afterwards?
  3. Im taking a couple of mates there as there thinking about joining the TA and I would of joined the yeomanry but I would of had to wait 17.5 :roll: So it looks like Infantry for me then.
  4. I was about to post a topic about the same weekend myself - as a TA bod two years in and interested in possible career paths that may lie ahead, is it worth going along to Chelsea Barracks, or is it an event aimed mostly at recruitment?
  5. Flynn, dear boy: the rules about enlistment, including the one about minimum age, are the same for the yeomanry as for the infantry.

    By all means, check out the inf. Good lads, and all that. It might be the right decision for you anyway. But swing by the RY as well and see what they say.

    It's mainly about recruitment. Still, why not just come along and have a chat: no one will force you to take the right decision.
  6. Go down and see what you fancy. They'll welcome everyone, even those already in.
  7. Went today and it was suprisingly really good, although there was way too many little (and I mean really young) kids/cadets, I can understand parents instilling aspirations in them but they should take them to a museum rather than a recruitment fair, I think the recruitment staff spent more time talking to 8 year olds than 18 year olds as well as them crowding the stands looking to get camo paint on there faces and free stickers. Plus I found out about the age limits Dr Evil and according to a London Reg Sergeant its 17.0 for Infantry
  8. Cool - then like I said, it will be the same for the yeomanry too. You have helped to spot an error on the Royal Yeomanry website (here), for which I am grateful and the wrongdoers will be flogged.

    As far as I am aware, the rules are the same for the whole TA, infantry, yeomanry and everything else. Those rules are as follows.

    1. The minumum age at which you can join the TA is 17.(1)

    2. If you are aged between 17 and 17.5 when you join, then you must join as a "young soldier".(2) This means that -

    (a) there must be a vacancy for you in the ranks of the unit you are seeking to join (this won't usually be a problem);(3)
    (b) you need your parents' or guardians' permission in writing to join;(4)
    (c) if you are still at school, you need your head teacher's permission in writing as well;(5)
    (d) you need permission from parents, guardians' and head teacher in order to undertake any overseas training;(6) and
    (e) you are subject to restrictions about deployment on operations overseas.(7)

    3. If you are aged 17.5 or over when you join, then you join as an adult recruit.(8 ) However, if you join as an adult recruits aged less than 18, then:

    (a) you need your parents' or guardians' permission in writing to join;(4) and
    (b) if you are still at school, you need your head teacher's permission in writing as well;(5)

    Notes, for the terminally an.al
    (1) TA Regulations, paragraph 5.021.
    (2) TA Regulations, paragraph 5.021.
    (3) TA Regulations, paragraph 5.025.
    (4) TA Regulations, paragraph 5.023.
    (5) ditto
    (6) TA Regulations, paragraph 5.025(c).
    (7) TA Regulations, paragraph 5.025(a).
    (8 ) TA Regulations, paragraph 5.024.
  9. Do I detect the hand of Dr.Evil in the W Sqn "News" page?

    Enough. While visiting Laahndan Tahn last week on holiday (Mrs.G and I were staying in a picturesque part of Engerland called "Pahhtny Brij", whilst taking the rugrats to visit an animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Natural History museum "Eat your breakfast, or we feed you to him", while keeping a lookout for those golden paving slabs) we found ourselves passing a sign which said "Westminster Dragoons" on our route to the climb-up-a-flight-of-stairs-to-get-to-the Underground Railway Mind-the-Gap station.

    I was unable to ascertain which evening was the Training Night, for that "drop in and meet us" thing, or even "will this clash with my underwater macrame classes" - having passed each night from Monday to Thursday, and not noticed any increase in people (apart from a sign about Jacqui Rose). Nor does the information appear on your (charmingly Evil) website. Might this be an opportunity for improvement?

    I had expected to see at least one frickin' shark with a frickin' laser beam, perhaps an orange jumpsuited peon driving a golf cart, and was broken-hearted as a result. Having an unmanned sangar covering the station platform doesn't quite make up for it. This disappointment may go some way to explaining why I found myself using (very polite, albeit limited) German in a VERY LOUD VOICE to encourage a packed, extremely noisy, and pogoing train-carriage-full of Werder Bremen supporters to STILLE, BITTE.... although I had to satisfy myself with the thought that they would surely be humped by Chelski.
  10. You might say that. I couldn't possibly comment.

    That's what my house looks like, you frikkin loonie. Except the suits are green, and we have far more Fembots than in your imaginings. *coughs* Lair, I mean. Anyway, what makes you think I am even remotely connected with these so-called Westminster Dragoons, other than perhaps in some sort of literary advisory capacity?

    I will pass your useful suggestion to the appropriate authorities. I must say, though, that I've never heard of anyone joining the TA in these days of the inter-net by simply strolling in off the street and proffering their military wares. They must master all sorts of gizmology, including email and single-finger typing, first.
  11. Went along to London soldier on the Sat, huge amounts of kids there! Laughed watching cadets try to build a 4 or 5 bay MGB.... very funny!

    Actually got cornered by a female full screw from the Yeomanry, confessed to me and my associates that she was getting worn down by the kids and needed some normal(ish) people to talk to for a few minutes.

    Very funny when people were asking me if I wanted to join the army.... and even when I told them I'd just left after comp mobilisation they stilll tried!

    Top point of the day had to be the "protesters" outside handing out a leaflet that said "join the army, be depressed" wish I'd picked up the leaflet now! One of them was getting searched when we turned up heh heh.

    Hope recruiting was helped by the show!