Want to join the Army at 16

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lone_Wolf, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. It's something I've always wanted to do, but I recognise it's not something to just jump into carelessly.
    I've found that, at 16, people haven't taken me seriously. Next week I'm going for my first interview, and want to look like right. I really want to go for this!
    People have said I'm too young, but I know my mind.


    (Pics have been edited off. Yes, I know it takes a lot more than a haircut to show commitment, but it's a gesture at least.)
  2. I, along with plenty of other people on this sight, joined at 16. Speak to your local careers office and see whats on offer. I would advise having some idea of what it is you want to do first though.

    Oh, and another thing. Dont post pictures of yourself. You just leave yourself wide open to all forms of abuse, and one of the benefits of this sight is that you can remain (relativly) anonymous
  3. Are those pictures of you?

    If they are why did you put them up? The fact that you have short hair from long will show your commitment?

    There is a little more involved and you must understand that the Army is a massive commitment, especially from that age. You might want to look into Welbeck College or going to college FOR FREE on civvy street and getting all the qualifications you can.

    Wait til you're 18 and see if you're still up for it.

    At least be able to buy a pint legally, that's when all the major right thinking bits of the brain click into place for a male, TRUST ME!!! :D
  4. Well, I've thought about little else for the past year, and Im not the shrinking violet some people have thought I am.

    I know its a massive commitment, and I'd be a fool to just jump in. My lder brother is in the Army, and I've had a lot of advice from him too. And he doesn't mince his words either!

    I'll take the pics off.
  5. i applied when i was 16 i too wasnt taken serioously untill now, im 17 now

    and are joining on 28th january, people just thought it was just a phase

    and id get over it but people are taking it serously now, ignore what

    everyone else tells you just do what you want to do, i personally cant

    wait to start my training and am sure you want to join A.S.A.P aswell

    what are you hoping to join?
  6. i think i know what you mean, like do ur m8s n family think its just a phase you are going thru and sort of humoring you? end of the day mate as long as you know the commitment you will be getting into and still want to then fire on. only YOU can decide.

    EDIT - haha quality, he beat me 2 it!! ^^^
  7. Go for it mate. Don't give a fuck what other people say or think. It's your life and you can do alot worse things then joining the Army. Unless you join Para Regt though, you'll be a gaylord. :)
  8. Well, my brother was stationed at Harrogate. I'm still thinking about options.

    People will often say that i don't know what I'm talking about but I think I do. Many others have joined young and not regretted it.

    The haircut makes me bloody freezing!
  9. if the haircut makes u freezing, wait til your training lol.

    but most of the ppl who say you dont know what you are talking about, probaly know less than you. so just ignore them, then when you pass out of ur training you can say i told ya so.
  10. I am 16 end of the month and have just applied, got my first interview on monday. They said they are going to try and push to get me in the september 'intake' as they have so many applicants.
    Sorry to highjack the thread but what does the medical consist of and what sort of questions are on the questionairre you have to give in to your doctor?
  11. i joined when i was 16 everyone thought it was just a phase that i was going through but it wasn't best times of your life mate if its what you want go for it
  12. Join at 16 do 22 years and retire at 38! Happy days

    Seriously though, do it and if it's not for you then try something else...

    you have the most precious item of your life.....youth!
  13. I think someone is fishing for a Waaaaaaa here.... :D
  14. No. Just thought 22 was the max........ :oops: :wink:
  15. I'm glad there were some positive comments here and that not everyone made the assumption that Im a silly kid who doesn't know his arse from his elbow. Its true that Iv got a lot to learn but Im not completely i the dark. Must admit that a lot of my info is second hand from my brother, but Ive made a lot of effort to be as fully informed as I can be. I've heard that some people find out too late that theyve bitten off more tha they can chew. Hopefully I wont be one of those!