Want to Join TA after reg MD

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mrglass, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I was md'd in 2005 through injury whilst an O/Cdt at Shriv. I currently hold a TA commission of the lowest order as an ACF AI. I'm not eligable to rejoin the regs due to my medical status, but was recenly told I may be able to slip the net into the TA. I live in Herefordshire so would like to join a local unit, preferably Sig Regt or another technical corps, hence using my professional skills (I run my own business in construction) and the degree the tax payer paid for (from RMCS). I would be seeking to join the TA as an Officer. Can anyone please tell me the best route to approach this? Would I need to do TCB, as I have already passed RCB many years back and technically hold a commission? Where are my nearest, most suitable units? Will I have to surrender my pension the Army currently pays me? Will my medical status prevent me joining?

    Any help or advise on this matter is greatly appreciated.
  2. Find your local unit.

    Try The TA Near You website (see my sig block) and ask to see the doctor for a sensible opinion.

    Having not competed Sandhurst, or having a number of years service as an NCO behind you, you may or may not get through the board to convert your ACF Gp B commission to a Gp A.

    Furthermore, you may not be accepted depending on the level of your downgarding. That said, I have known a number of folk who were downgraded in the Regulars and continue in the TA with their medical pension.

    First step, go see some units and ask them. If they want you, where there is a will etc ....
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Depends on the details of the discharge and the medical injury

    You were an officer cadet at Shriv, you've passed RCB I'm assuming you have done a commissioning course at Sandhurst?

    Not sure where you stand as a cadet AI crossing from a B commission to an A commission, I know they don't do the whole TA commissioning course.

    Go in and see the local unit they will guide you.
  5. I believe if your medical condition was not classed as permenant you have to wait a clear 5 years before being considered for the TA. I may be wrong. Check with a local unit.
  6. drop me a PM, been there, done that... got the T-shirt...
  7. I passed RCB in 1999, did welbeck etc, did the old Pre University course at Sandhurst (two and a half weeks with ROWCO staff) then was at Shriv in RMCSOC. Was down for CC043, but dna due to shoulder injury and was subsiquently discharged a year later (did twelve months on the books on 'gardening leave' whilst paper work was squared away).

    I've had surgery since and although I need to get my arrse in the gym, I'm not to bad. I'm not stupid and know I don't physically have what it takes for regular service anymore, but was hopin I could still serve in a less demanding technical role. Everything in my head still works just fine.

    I hope I can get back doing something, I miss it all, even phys!
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  9. Please come away from this TA are second class and an easier option attitude. If you are able to you will get in, but its not a case of "slip the net". There are enough out there who want to do down the TA at any excuse without this, back door, easy entry, type attitude.

    Rant over...
  10. hey don't get so upset, its just a figure of speech. I totally understand your point, but no need to jump down my throat. I was informed that entry standards in professional roles, as well as normal phys standards were slightly more 'flexible' in the TA, which makes sense really. Why would I be slating something I want to join? Its all the same Army, just with varying standards etc dependent on role and lifestyle. A TA sapper isn't going to be expected to be as fast as some racing snake fresh out of basic. That saying, I'm sure the TA is full of soldiers just as, if not fitter than regular troops. Like I said, its one Army. And if I can blag my way back into any of it I will.
  11. msr

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  12. I believe that the QOY ( Queen's Own Yeomanry ) have, or are in the process of creating, a detachment in Hereford.

    No contact details on their website but you could do a lot worse than phoning their Chief Clerk to ask - 0191 239 3125. Alternatively you can PM me and I'll give you the name of the OC.

    Interesting role supporting Formation Reconnaisance regiments, are probably not too physically demanding.

    Best of luck with your medicals and applications.

  13. cheers guy, much appreciated. I want to apply to RE, Sigs and QOY i think. Hows best to go about this? Do you reckon a well draughted letter, or just a phone call?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Phone call in the first instance.