Want to join infantry offiicer ???

hercules or chinook which is better ???

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Hi im interested in joining the infantry as a officer, however im abit stuck as i like the air assault infantry but dunno if they parachute or just run out of the herculius or chinnook ect. also i thought about raf regiment but i hear its just guarding air fields and boring,but also being a rm officer would be wow but i dunno if ill make training also im not sure where i would be based in the uk ( after training )for the marines i dont wanna be in southhampton or down in devon ??? and 1 last thing in the reg, rm or army can you be a officer sniper like a sniper commander, controller ???
also which is the longest tours on duty and other info

whould appriciate any responses.

cheers :) :D
A wah of the lowest order. Much more effort required next time!
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