want to join infantry !! badly !

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by skinnyjoe, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. hi im at the final stages of recruitment and still havent got my first choice fully thought out. I know that i really want to join the infantry but i feel really selfish on my parents as they worry soooo much. i know that whatever i do they would worry and anyone's parents in the infantry will also worry but im afraid that if i join and i get deployed to afgan my mum would just turn into a nervous wreck. The problem is they have seen my job list and they keep saying ' choose a trade , so you can get a job when you come out' . The thing is i want to make a career not just get quals and leave and most importantly i want to be interested in my job. i know this may of been asked hundreds of times but has any one els been in my position ? what did they do did they lie about what ob they were going for ? or what ?
  2. Do what you want to do its your life, explain to your mum you've got just as much chance of being hurt whatever you do in the army so where you end up doesnt matter. It may be rubbish but its something, my mum consoles herself that if I was going to the city there would be a high chance of getting run over by a bus (an odd women I know).
  3. No need to lie to them about changing your job because its up to you. Do what you want to do its your life and your parents will get over it. :)
    Take them to the recruiting office and get the recruiters to show its not all bad. :p
  4. Bet me to it :p B*astard :D
  5. Get a trade mate, your keen as f**k now but after a few years in and a few ops you might want out
  6. I go to catterick soon and my mam is the same, but i just told her its what i want to do. I'm not interested in a trade and i dont want to try and be interested in a trade but hate it. She understands now.
  7. By which time you could go for Junior Brecon and your job would change as you take on the responsibilities of command. You could do a signals course, or go for a job in the support coy, or even have a bash at joining Them.

    25,000 people form the Infantry. At least two or three of them must like it enough to make a career out of it.
  8. Put it this way, join the RE or REME and you'll a) Run around wity guns and b) leave with a trade.
  9. I'm in the same position as you mate. I have about 8 gcses all of them a and b but at the end of the day it's the infantry I wanted. I might be kicking myself in the future for not choosing a trade but I'd be kicking myself more if I didn't go for it and at least try a career in the infantry. I say go for it if you're keen enough - I know I am. :)
  10. You're a penis. Stop breathing.
  11. if you had a GCSE to your name just imagine what you could be doing !
  12. Ok, you'll never have a trade or play with guns
  13. Bellend.
  14. Doubt you ever will! discounting your AI's airsoft collection!

  15. Life can be dangerous, especially for young men; stabbings, car crashes, sporting accidents...

    I wouldn't want to trivialise the danger of a tour in Afghanistan, but I wouldn't let it dominate your thinking either. Your life is your own to do with as you please, and you are a fool if you make your life choices to accomodate your parents feelings. If you want to be an infantry soldier go and do it. That might sound harsh but it is the only approach that will work in the long term.

    As for a trade: If you weren't going to join the army what would you do? Is there a trade that matches that preference?

    What would you rather do on a day to day basis - practice that trade or be an Infantry Soldier?

    Don't commit to basic training unless you are sure of what you want and why.....