Want to join, but pretty shy and quiet

I'd love to join the Army (as a Radar Operator or Sound Ranger in Royal Artillery, failing that MLRS or AS90), but I am quite a shy and quiet person, and don't have a lot of confidence. One of my reasons for wanting to join is to get more confidence in myself.

Will this be a problem in selection, basic, army life? I'm guessing the situation that you're put in will force you to make friends, especially in basic, but what about selection? Will they fail me for being too quiet?

I'm gonna go down the Recruitment Office on Thursday morning anyway, so will mention it to the recruiter, but would like some advice from here too.

Not a problem. You'll be put in many situations where you are forced to come out of your shell to perform a task or your duties. Once you've done it a few times, you'll wear self confidence like a second skin. Basic training will take care of all that for you.

People from all walks of life, different attiudes to life and different abilities will walk into the gate on day one, and come out of the factory the other end with skills and traits they didnt even know existed.

Try it out if its what you want. Its not for everyone, but at least you tried.
My advice is dont worry about it Hollerz. Thats obviosuly easier said then done but im like you im a shy/quiet person and my selfish reason for joining the Army is like yours to have self confidence and physical/mental fitness instilled within me.

Your best bet is just to throw yourself in and give 100% always and youll come through no problems and anyway youve got your 2 day slection still to come so that will show you to a degree what basic will be like for you.

Remember its always better to have tried and failed then to of never have tried. Best of luck with it Hollerz


This is not a problem as long as you can show confidence when required as in team tasks etc. My confidence and character grew more from each step i went through to get into the army so it is not a requirement upon joining. Good Luck.
Hollerz, all the Army wants from you is your commitment and hard work, at thist stage of the game.

Once you´ve pushed yourself further than you thought possible, your confidence will come out. You don´t have to be the loud gobby one to have confidence. You may end up as one of those quiet, confident ones.

You must have some confidence in yourself to even cosider joining up.

Remember, an empty jar makes the loudest noise. Or something along them lines anyway! :D

Good luck at the recruitment office, I hope you get in and the job you are looking for. I doubt your quiet and shy persona will make the recruiting Sgt turn you away.
Cheers for the replies! :D Definitely made me less worried about it. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, so I have to try. If I fail, I fail. Like you said, at least I'll of tried! I'm looking forward to Thursday so I can get the ball rolling! (That, and I'm going on holiday Thursday afternoon :D)
hey im in same boat i have just been looking into joining the army over the last few weeks and have decided it is the best thing for me at the moment. i also dont have much confidence but i know once i get in the army i wil be forced to become a more confident, fitter and just better person.

is there any advice for me?
Way back when in the dawn of time when I was 17 I was much the same.
Basic soon gets you past that, you probably won't even noticing it happening but one morning while you are hauling yourself out of your pit at an ungodly hour you will realise that you have changed and its not so much of a problem anymore.
Only advice is keep your physical training up, I found once I began doing my running and yomping that I became more confident then I was before. Obviosuly still not as confident as I would like to be but hey thats what basic and beastings a plenty is for.

Just make sure when your at slection during the team task's that you make yourself heard and show your willingnes to help out, because at my slection one lad failed because he shyed to the back in his group during the tasks.
Yes mate, you know in basic training its your right to have the option to leave after 28 days, so bare that in mind, its not like your going to throw your life away by trying, it will definately make you a better person, i dont know if you ever talked to a squaddie, but you will notice we never shut our mouth talking all the time....... we have too much confidence :D so youll be fine just get amongst it, crack on with it putting in 100% effort and you'll smash it and then straight to your regiment which isnt as bad a life as some people make it out to be, infact we get more time off work than most civvys do!

Take the 'plunge', first few weeks of basic you will be kicking yourself for even considering it but once the training team weeds out the strugglers and you have got a good platoon behind you the morale will start lifting and so will your motivation, so good luck mate ;).



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What has been previously said is of great value. Your confidence will build as you progress. And a quiet person is more appreciated by staff than a loud mouthed braggart.

Of course, if you are shy and pretty, then so much the better for you. Lonely nights on stag will pass much quicker.
It tends to be the mouthy ones never make it to pass-off either, and i've found the ones that started off quiet and minding their own showed some great soldiering both in the accomodation and in the field, so your right the staff will appreciate them more.
I was like you when as a young 18 year old Bandsman I provided medical cover, for our Anti-Tank platoon -Wombat days in Forkhill South Armagh....I wasn't quiet when I came back..go for it.

Take it from me the Gobshite are the worst ones
im 18 now and starting 27th of july and confidance is one of the major reasons why im also joining.

ive extremely shy but go for it mate. like all those posters above me ^^^ i hope that my confidance will also come out during training.
Same here aswell, pretty much a sociopath to be honest. But ill damned if im the same person after passing out from basic.

And if your not a motor mouth thats okay, people will spot the virtues you carry and like you for that. If it reaaaaly is digging at you, try getting a part time bar job, that helps alot of people come out their shells from the different people you meet.

Ga 'luck to you anyway.
Thanks a lot for the replies from everyone! Definitely helps!! I've just found out I've been medically cleared and got another interview on Wednesday so hopefully I'll get my selection dates! :D
hey man I have my last interview on wednesday to,ill be up in enniskillen though.all the best with yours,let us know how you get on!
I've always wanted to join the army since age of six, I let people scare me into not applying because I am a big lad 6ft and low confidence, always been bullied and had bad schooling. I'm 26 now and I've realised that if I don't try and and get that dream I will regret it.

I really want to be a soldier and was hoping for some advice because I am very passionate and determined it's what I want and want to hear the truth from people maybe like myself that's for through.

I know it will be hard work but I believe if I got through it would all have been worth the pain and effort but I'm scared of not fitting in or having the same experience as college etc but I don't want it to stop me.

I am not the best at English and maths but again I don't want to be stopped because of that I really want to get the confidence and experience.
I would say just go ahead and do it I’m a little bit like yourself got put off from doing it for awhile finally I’m doing It talking is over selection next month

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