Want to join as a sparky but which one?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FrostyBadger, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    Been looking to join the army for a while now and finally decided to go for it.

    I would like to join as an Electrician but looking through the job list i see REME Electrician and Royal Signals Electrician. Could anyone tell me the difference between the 2 as the description is a bit brief.

    As far as i can see without moving into electronics these are the only 2 electrical options? Don't want to miss anything :)

    Thanks, Frosty :wink:
  2. RE is the traditional sparky where as the Signals ED is more about deployed electric supply to mobile HQ's. I believe the RE is high band (more money) where as the Signals is low band (less money).
  3. You are correct Disco, however I believe that the REME sparky no longer exsists.

    I think it has merged into the VM trade.
  4. There seems to be a lot of trades merging.

    Why has RE Electrician been merged with REME VM?

    EDIT: Correction.
  6. I'm going RE- you learn combat engineering aswell which is good
  7. I'm a R Sigs Elec and i say dont join the Sigs (this is for anyone else who see this) go RE Elec. you get the quals their and you can actually get past the rank of CPL. R Sigs Elec is going dead man shoes.
  8. Thanks

    i guess its RE for me then :D
  9. Its not actually that easy to get past Full Screw as a sparky in the RE neither.

    However, I agree RE sparky is the better trade.
  10. You're dead right - the REME Vehicle Electrician trade has merged with the Vehicle Mechanic trade. The VM course has been amended to take on more electronics work, negating the need for what was becoming an unpopular and somewhat limited trade.

    We've still got the Technician trade (was originally Tech Guided Weapons, Tech Electronics and Tech Instruments) - often referred to now as Super Tech. They mostly focus on the electronics side of life.

    The advantage of joining REME as a Tech is that promotion is time based, so most (>95%) arrive at their first unit as a LCpl, and promote to Sgt within 5 years, meaning more money and responsibility.

    I'm not claiming it's the fairest system, but it is the system in place, and it's certainly worth a look if the sight of wiring diagrams doesn't make your eyes bleed.
  11. how come they still have Vehicle Mechanic and Electrician separate on the website then?

    So that means id get to do both trades? :D

    If so that could be ideal seen as i was torn between the 2 trades
  12. You mean REME Electronics Tech and VM are combining?

    Do VM offer quick promotion prospects?
  13. Frosty, it probably just not been updated since the change.
  14. IT MATT. REME Vehicle Elec and VM combined.

    And no, VM is not accelerated promotion.
  15. From the 'official' Army website (clicky)

    There's a wee bit of info on VMs (which is inclusive of the old Vehicle Electrician trade) and wee bit on Tech Elect - this should be enough to give you a feel for the job.

    If you would like more info, pm me.