Want to commit an act of war? Just top yourself.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. I mean, we all know that some Septics seem to have a few quirky attitudes, but they don't come much whackier (or sicker?) than this:


    Talk about turning the victims into perps! What will they think of next. :D :D :D

  2. Well it's not going to take long for people to start using it to add more fuel to the anti-west fire is it? I'd not say it was an act of war, but it is certainly going to annoy some people, and be used by others to join the masses in united hate. ......Because obviously they need more reasons.
  3. Yeah there is another thread talkin about this too.

    But its total crazyiness, act of war, my ass :eek:

    I'm prity concerned that they still have them imprisoned with no charges.
    Sends out all the wrong signals, its no better than kidnap.
    especially as America has and still does create the terrorist organization,
    that then have to be dealt with on down the line.
  4. You said that is if the existence of this hell-hole for the last 4 years hasn't added any fuel to the fire!!
  5. Perhaps I should have said that it has added an extra table-spoon's worth of fuel to a fire that is already so large it would cause the makers of the towering inferno to cream their pants just before their hearts explode out of sheer astonishment?
  6. Why can't Bliar and Dubya show their dedication to The War Against Terror by committing a similar act of war? :twisted:
  7. If this was an act of war, then surely the guards would have been justified in shooting them if they'd caught them in the act of commiting suicide.

    This could mean soldiers will never be prosecuted for killing civilians/terrorists/unlawful combatants ever again.

    "Honest, I thought he was going to top himself, so I shot him!"

    Brilliant, a long overdue legal breakthrough.
  8. Superb! (mumble, mumble, mumble, why can't I think of things like that!).

  9. The towering inferno reference is pretty astute of you. And here's how the fire got out of control in the first place. Is it one of the largest cases of arson ever seen?

  10. Continuing to hold these people has gone way beyond stupid even if they truely believed they had a case to answer 4 years ago. Talk about own goals. I'd stick em all on a plane and dump them back in the middle of Afganistan immediately.
  11. Very Pythonesque

    Judian Peoples Front Crack Suicide Squad?
  12. So if a guy blows himeslf up as an act of war thats a suicide bombing, if a guy comits suicide as an act of war would that be a suicide suicide!

  13. Why? As I understand it most of them are not Afghans. They are other nations found within the country fighting with the Taleban.
  14. I do think that they need to "DO" something with the residents of the Butlins Camp! They can't just hold them indefinatly! The main problem is confidence in the americans having the right people in the first place. You would liek to assume that the people they are holding are guilty of terrorism, but my faith in the USA is so eroded that i doubt it very much. They need to either put up or let them go, 3/4 years and no charge is taking the pi$$!