Want to buy REME mess dress

Discussion in 'REME' started by snaaake!, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi I'm after some mess dress for a reasonable price. Approx 48" chest, 38" waist, 31" leg, size 12 feet, 6ft 3.
    Please either PM me or leave contact details, thanks.
  2. Kashkets...
  3. Go to the Corps kit agency at Arborfield. I was there a week last Wednesday and there are loads in there
  4. walting_matilda - Thanks for the link, am preferring to buy used but will give them a call today anyway.

    sparky8 - Thanks, I gave them a call last week, had nothing in my size at that time.

    Any more info greatly appreciated.
  5. You may struggle to get that size combo second hand...

    Sent from ma hoose.
  6. Six feet three with 31" leg?

    Are you a duck?
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  7. Yes yes I am a duck, well done that man. "Approx".
  8. Leave ode 'Longback' alone! Ya bully!
  9. Have you tried Ebay?
  10. If you go in, you may be able to mix and match. Les has lots of trousers seperate so if you can find a jacket and waiscoat to fit you are laughing.
  11. I've PM'd you snaaake
  12. m8 got one in good nick, about your size wo2 badges on pm me for more info
  13. Dirtmonkey - I have PM'd you but heard nothing mate, let me know.