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Want to buy kit to take to Basic Training?


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Don't. :)

I've just read two threads in other boards from soon to be Combat Recruits of War about buying issue boots/trainers or about bringing thermal gear with them to their CMS(R).

No doubt there are many of you that have thought about it or are in the process of doing so.

The piece of advice I'll offer is don't. Don't waste your money buying boots to break them in, don't waste your money on gucci thermal kit or special items of webbing, don't bring any field kit that you intend to use on exercise.

You will not be allowed.

If you have correctly trained and switched on Directing Staff, you will not be allowed to use your own kit. Partially from risk of injury and liability as it's not been issued to you (Yes, it may be issue kit like boots, but it's not been issued), but more from the reason that everyone attending a CMS(R) starts at the same level of equipment and works together to adapt to what they have been given.
It's also a way for the Staff to discover any problems the kit may cause for individuals. Such as if the boots screw your ankles up or if the long-back bergen you've been given is causing spinal pain.

Save your money for when you get to your units, where you can buy all the kit you like, and more importantly, use it.

Remember, Basic Training is about being given basic training, with basic kit and expected to reach a basic standard.
None of us had it any differently.

Enjoy your time there. :)
Remember to take a little bit of spending money for the NAAFI though (30 - 40 quid) as you wont get issued boot polish now will you :D


Kit Reviewer
Reviews Editor
No, but you get given a small amount of cash in hand when you arrive for just such supplies. :)
Polish and all that you get in a starter pack which gets deducted from your pay (it costs next to nothing). It has twists, brushes etc. etc.

You get issued your ace clothes too. And who wants gucci gloves when you have bog standard issue leather gloves. Whack a bit of polish on them and they'll do just fine :)

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