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Want To Be on TV?

Just had this in by email!

I'm getting in touch from BBC2's The Great British Sewing Bee as we are currently inviting applications for Series 2 of the show. We would absolutely love to hear from members of the Army who have picked up a thing or two about sewing in their training and gone on to pursue it as a hobby, or general useful skill! We've already had a couple of applications from ex-service men and those who are currently in the TA, but we'd like to get the word out to the wider community. From previously working on military-based TV shows I know you have a wide readership and I reckon there'll be some keen hobbyist sewers and tailors out there. We would also welcome applications putting their friends or partners forward.

I wonder if you could post something on your site or social networking outlets? Interested sewers can find more information and the application form here:
Be on TV | Love Productions.


Book Reviewer
not sure if they would approve of my home made smocks, chest rigs and webbing pouches :)

can we send dale? as an alleged woman she should either know all about the suject or we will see a wonderwebbed dress.


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
I know how to darn socks, and how to remove stripes from No 2 dress following a quick visit to the CO's office! Does that count?
Sock darning, said sock stretched over a tin of boot polish whilst you used the darning needle your Mum had given you when you departed for Basic. What a feckin waste of time and effort!

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