Want to be an MP?

Is this just another reality TV "Gimmick" or could it do something worthwhile?

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I've just had this emailed to me:

Dear Applause Store Member,

Applause Store is extremely excited to be involved in a revolutionary new show
geared towards finding a new MP who will truly speak for the people.

Have you ever sat around with friends or colleagues and discussed how badly (or
how well) you think the country is run? Would you like to help shape the way
Britain is run? Do you have strong views about the government? Would you like to
hear your views heard at the next general election? Well now you can… Live on

‘VOTE FOR ME’ is the new ITV1 live show which will help find potential MP to
stand as an independent candidate in the next general election.

The host Jonathan Maitland (Question Time) joined by panelist Kelvin Mackenzie,
John Sergeant and Lorraine Kelly (GMTV).

The show will be transmitted from South Bank at The London Studios (LWT), Upper
Ground, London, SE1 9LT.

These exclusive audience tickets have just been released and are expected to go
very quickly. If you would like to come along and give your opinions and truly
have a voice, please call Applause Store on 0208 324 2700 as soon as possible
(office hours 10:30am-18:00pm).

Lets help to make Britain a true Democracy!

Available dates are:

Tuesday 11th January 05 @ 21:45pm
Wednesday 12th January 05 @ 21:45pm
Thursday 13th January 05 @ 21:45pm
Friday 14th January 05 @ 21:45pm

Min Age 18+

Applause Store Productions Ltd
Not more reality TV shiit :evil:

I am truly pisshed off with this crap :roll: Whoever is choosen will no doubt mean good and then sell his/her soul once in Westminster :evil:
Another load of cr@p.

By the way is the vote Yes for a gimmick (agreed) or worthwhile (no way!)?
MikeMcc said:
Another load of cr@p.

By the way is the vote Yes for a gimmick (agreed) or worthwhile (no way!)?
Is it a gimmick?

I wonder if the winner, if elected, would have to go into the diary room and vote others out of Parliament? If so I wounder how long TCH would last? :twisted:
And with a static studio , I presume most of the candidates would be from Laandan Village?

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