Want to be a Myth Buster? Another classic council non-job

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Myths my Arrse thats Nu-Labour propaganda
  2. No seriously, WhyTF should taxpayers money be used for the purpose of PR in favour of the prevailing PC orthodoxy?

    In more honest times, this was just called propaganda.
  3. Ok, I agree at first reading it sounds like a non-job (that was my view when first reading the job description)... But apparently (just did a quick google search) - this area has two of the worst areas for racial tension in the UK. So how else could they tackle it?

  4. By telling the forriners to integrate and act like the locals instead of residents of Peshawar?

    Just a thought, radical I know, but you never know, it just might work.
  5. Doesn't somebody need to be employed to do that?
  6. Want to be a Myth Buster?

    sounds like a new opening for adam savage and jamie hineaman..
  7. By identifying the reasons behind the tension rather than just dismissing it as "racism" and appointing some lackey to go around congratulating people on being black?
  8. but this job is about trying to make the natives think that it is just fine and dandy to have the place turned into a minor Stan.

  9. Nope, it just needs to be Government policy, no special allowances for forriners. Try walking into a Council Office in say France and asking for all the forms in Gujarati and see how far you get.
  10. Why not just have a big sign saying 'fcuking act british or do one!' as they come off the banana Boat? That'd be cheaper then paying some kn0b to do this. And then, the definition of what constitutes British could vary from copper to copper, so you could get some amusing situations thus:

    'YOU! Darky! What the devil do you think you're doing'
    'Thah ova poliss-man say do this, bwana!'
    'You're taking the fcuking p1ss michael boon my son, thats white man's air you're breathing etc.'

    Fcuking class, kafka-esque immigrant-baiting...
  11. but this job is about trying to make the natives think that it is just fine and dandy to have the place turned into a minor Stan.[/quote]

    I agree, but I thought it was about spending money on non-jobs.

    If the money was instead used to employ somebody whose job was help immigrants learn about British culture, values, identity etc, I think people would still complain about non-jobs etc - although if there is a problem in the area, then maybe something needs to be done?

    I'm just playing devils advocate by the way
  12. No this is about telling the natives that just because someone 'talks funny' and looks a bit tanned doesn't mean that they have a bomb factory in their living room a a couple of white girls tied up in the basement. We arn't talking about very bright natives here - they are the same breed that fire-bombed a woman's house a few years back because they had seen her occupation listed as 'pediatrician'.
  13. so you'll be stumping up the 25k pa to fund it then, if you think it's such a great use of money?
  14. What is the damaged caused in the average race clash. For example, when the idiots who call themselves the English Defence League or whatever cause riots - do you think that maybe costs more than 25k?

    How much a year is spent in the Lancashire on investigating/solving racially motivated crimes? Is the job still a waste of money if it saves money in these areas?