Want to be a Film Star?

Want to help a British Filmmaker, do a film on a MM winner in WW2? Help buy some Blanks, a Tank? Be a Film Producer, then this may be for you. Ive always fancies the red carpet :)

Above and Beyond: The Craftsmen
I've done a bit of extra work in the past (playing the part of a news cameraman on 2 of the first 'Silent Witness' episodes.) It was great fun - although you do need a book to read during the scene changes.

The idea of 'angels' appearing in productions as extras has been around for a while and is a fun way of raising funds.

I would have thought that this would be a great opportunity to observe the making of a WWII film. Furthermore if you do have comments during production, regarding technical/historical accuracy you can nip over to the director and tell him personally.

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