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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mercgirl, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Just wandered if anyone has anything interesting to say regards being in the T. A. For example the best/worst experiences of it?
  2. I SMELL JOURNO !!!!
  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Or maybe just someone who wants to know what being in the TA is like...... say someone who is considering joining?
  4. I have just joined the T.A. so hoping it is the right decision, which I'm sure it is!
  5. And I can't see a journo asking such a bone question , unless MODPR(A) have given permission for a 'Fuffy Bunny' piece in Hello?

    Anyway, even if Mercgirl is a journo , she's hardly asking for Military secrets is she.

    What's your job in the TA Mercgirl, and have you been through basic and the 'Special intitation" yet?
  6. not done anything just selection. you have to start somewhere!
  7. An idea of what type of corps or service you have joined would help a lot in giving you an idea of what to expect. No unit names though.
  8. In AGC - is that enough?! Ask more questions, will answer them if I can.
  9. AGC in an Infantry (Hurrah!) unit or a Corps? A clue , a Corps is anything that doesn't involve getting cold, wet and miserable, with a kettle close to hand. If you haven't been cold, wet miserable and carrying half a house on your back, you're in a Corps.
  10. Well i hope your good at spelling and making tea.(jk). Sorry cant help you on that one but there is a forum for the AGC, they will keep you right.
  11. No have not carried 'half a house' - Yet! but give it time. Cant wait to start training, (bit of enthusiasm there!)
  12. Nor are you likely to, with the Combat handbag they issue you with. Remember going to an ex-Girlfriends unit when they first issued her her kit in basic, as she wanted a hand setting up her PLCE etc. My first reaction on seeing the all-arms "Bergan" was 'How the fook can I live out of that?" :D
  13. If you had told us in your previous thread that you had only done selection then I probably would have been a lot nicer to you.

    Your AGC right?
    I have nothing to do with them so I can’t really give you an idea of what they’re like, desk monkeys in green.

    You will soon be learning field craft and weapons handling which is good fun, although I don’t see what use it is to the AGC???

    The only down side I can think of in the TA is staging on in the freezing cold and have to wake up at silly o’clock with a stinking hang over, other than that you should have a grate time.

    You going to enjoy it.
  14. Folks - Cait (I believe) deleted the earlier thread started by Mercgirl on exactly this topic after it got a bit out of hand.

    mercgirl has also sent me a pm saying, "Hi" and I suspect has targetted a number of others who responded on her original thread. If BadCO can read my latest "sent" to her, feel free to do so, if not I am happy to forward to you.

  15. thanks for that Goku! Yes even in AGC you have to do basic. And as I'm an outdoor kinda girl, think that I will enjoy it. Cant wait to do field craft, combat first aid and weapon handling.
    Perhaps should have mentioned done selection previously!