Want poppies

Can anyone help?

Me and the OH would both like to be wearing poppies at the mo but haven't been able to find them anywhere here in Holland.

Would someone be willing to send us a couple of poppies so we can show our respect (and support)??

PM me if you can help



edited to add: Will be signing up with the RBL in time for next year so we can flog 'em to the expats over here!!
If you can get there then try one of the British garrisons in Germany. Munster, Osnabruck, Elmpt and Rheindahlen are all close to the Dutch border. There will be poppies available in the guardroom and in NAAFI shops.

Failing that try the British Embassy, they may be able to help you.
British Embassy or Consulates should have collection tins. I got mine at the Consulate in Paris.
A kind arrser (you know who you are) has now offered to send me a couple of poppies!

- Thanks!!
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