Want one. Just do.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Blogg, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. 6x6 Want one of these;

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  2. Ahhh Stalwart....the roar of the petrol engine....the smell of fully leaded civ gas from the lame twats who are filling it up with jerry cans but are way too ally to use the filler.......the smell of tobacco from the same lame ***** filling the stolly.......the woof of igniting vapour in the vast hull.......the multiple thump of bodies hitting tarmac......the smell of slightly charred, hairless and shortly to be very much stagging on gunners....marvelous stuff!
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  3. FFS now you just have extra brake pads and tyres to fork out for, and a Merc £££££££'s! Will you people not learn that a pointless gimmick is just that?
  4. Not as stylish as this little blitzwagen.

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  5. Is there a track adaption for the rear?

    And does it come in white with an HMG mount?
  6. If Sir so desires


    Actually all it comes down to is that the AMG nutters were given some G Wagen 6x6's to play with and people with too much money in sandy places just would love to have them as another toy for their car collections. Around £350K apparently....
  7. M939 6x6 is the premier pussy wagon in this town. :p

    Here are a few comments:

    Pussy Wagon Cmts.JPG

  8. An earlier attempt by Mercedes

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  9. A new Unimog is 45k.
    A new G-Wagon is 90k
    This is 350k!!!!!
    Yes it does everything the others do but unless you own an oil company, are as thick as wayne or stonking rich, why?????
  10. This any good to you?


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  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Lots of bits of wire, tubes and struts hanging down under that Hummer with and extra axle. Any Landy would piss all over it. Apart from that new one that Posh Spice designed.

    Here. Have a look...

  12. The Aussie contributors will be along shortly to tell us this is a variant of what Aus army are ordering to replace the Landie 6x6 perenties.

    As for the unimog. I had one for nearly five months.......Stuck in a field of ours from November to early march a few years ago Courtesy of our local energy provider . Looked nice as I drove past it in my 40yo 2a with ordinary wrangler tyres.