Want Military Help? Better Have A Credit Card Handy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Something in an article from today's Times titled 'Looting, panic buying - and a water shortage' caught my attention. It was the paragraph that stated,

    'Cause you can bet that the MoD aren't going to be taking any promises of payment or IOUs from this government seriously after how they've been screwed in the past by them. Just keep repeating the mantra "stretched, but not overstretched" you ministerial *********.
  2. Didn't this happen few years back when the world mobilised to save thousands from floods in africa (Mozambique?). MoD wouldn't send helos without guarantees from the Foriegn Office and in the end B'Liar told Def Sec and Broon to just fookin do it and worry about it later. Of course New Liarbour wouldn't act so decisively in the case of its own population.
  3. IIRC didn't they end up outsourcing the helos to locally based contractors since it was much cheaper and quicker to use ones that were already in situ rather than transporting them all the way down there? Sounds like they should be doing the same thing over here now as well and simply hire a few civilian birds and lorries to help out.
  4. IIRC, the helicopter problem came from DFID. Claire Short demanded that the RAF provide helicopter support, and the MoD was happy to do so, assuming that the marginal costs would come out of DFID's budget. Short said 'Harumph, not bl**dy likely', and began looking for alternative funding sources.

    This became terribly embarassing, and DFID were, AIUI, told to stump up most of the marginal costings for the deployment of the Pumas. The Pumas were out there for two weeks providing support, and then returned to the UK; DFID then chartered locally based helicopters to help with the rebuilding efforts.
  5. WTF are these monkeys doing in charge of the effing country