Want extra security staff at the Olympics? Thousands of teachers are available...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by graeme838, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Since the Olympics is a national even so lets have some national input - instead of using serving soldiers who are busy enough, simply conscript all teachers for the period of the games - let them give up part of heir nice long summer break for the good of the nation...

    After all it can't be that hard to train them up, given that G4S were recruiting all and sundry to do the job!
  2. Twunt.
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  3. Grow up. Look upon covering G4S as early resettlement.

    You don't see many ex teachers as Security mongs, you see planty of ex Squaddies.
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  4. Haha. OP you are a mong!!
  5. No less daft an idea than what they're actually doing.
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  6. Very well thought out, amazing plan...
  7. What, using the same guys they are likely to employ in the future anyway?
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  8. Unfortunately quite a few friends who are teachers have already volunteered to do other stuff at the Olympics. Mrs1GM's best friend is a tennis nut and will be spending her summer hols at Wimbledon and she is in heaven. Other we know who teach sports are very heavily involved. Not such a stupid idea but if they were going to be involved they would be already.

    Ah! Massive Wah alert just gone off?
  9. I do love how everybody whinges about teachers holidays (during which, most of them spend a lot of time working bloody hard planning and marking), but are quite happy to use them as a free daycare service for their devil spawn as soon as school is back in session.

    Also, the school year isn't even finished yet. Goon.
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  10. I have hear worst ideas!
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  11. Like trying to teach you English perhaps?
  12. Eh aye I don't begrudge the lengthy holiday period teachers enjoy just because I chose a different career path that gets me potentially spammed for treats like Op. Olympics but I doubt many of them graft away creating lesson plans etc for the new term :)
  13. Superb! Just sent our lass a text (she's a Teaching Assistant) to wind the teachers up.
    "On the news this morning, teachers to be called up to cover security at the olympics during the school holiday."
  14. If my kids' work hasn't been marked by the end of a school year I would really like to know why - not much point in it being returned in September when they are into a new year or even new school.

    The only marking likely to be done is exam marking where teachers are earning extra money.

    Since when has meeting your legal obligation to send your kids to a school (you have helped pay for) been classed as using teachers as a free daycare facility?

    Some teachers need to get over their over-blown sense of superiority and get off their self-righteous high horses.

    That said, the OP's suggestion is clearly barking, what use is a security guard who won't start work until 9 o'clock and has to knock off by 10 to 4?

  15. My red bold - And a lot of Squaddies too. You are not God's gift to creation and you do not have a superior work ethic to every civvie. In fact you would struggle to do most most civvy jobs, just as theyd struggle to do yours.

    My blue bold - More use than one that can't speak English and doesn't show at all

    Timeto stop slagging teachers off. We all make our own career choices. Loooking back maybe choosing to be outnumbered as a male Primary School teacher, just about guaranteed to get a Headship and surrounded by aged 25 to 45 skirt for 39 weeks a year would have been a good one.

    That said as the son of a Comprehensive Deputy Head Teacher I can assure you that they do not spend their holidays doing lesson plans and my dad was always home before Blue Peter started too.
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