want a job at aldi anyone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Blimey! I used to go to Aldi's and hope that nobody saw me exit, however, i'm thinking that I should swap my job.
  2. Well, that'll put off a fair whack of graduates, then. How on earth did we ever reach the stage in this country when some kinds of work could be considered beneath a person? Isn't it better to do something than be unemployed?
  3. They are in the top ten of Graduate recruiters and are always sniffing around the Uni handing out freebies and asking for your details regardless of what degree course your doing
  4. I'd clean the fecking floor for 45k!
    Would be good to sit on the check out with some spotty oik 16 year old who's getting paid naff all with a smug look on my face to say that 'look were both doing the same job but i'm getting paid 10 times more than you prick end!' :muhaha:
  5. Christ - why the fcuk did I become a teacher for £20k? Considering a career change...
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    45,000 pounds is not a great salary these days, it's only 57,000 euros. The value of the pound and the cost of living in the UK means a lot of professionals with experience quite frankly wouldn't get out of bed for that, I know I wouldn't.
  7. As a starting salary it's fecking competitive. I know people that will start on 16k after 3,4,5 years of uni who have 1sts in respected degrees. I get out of bed at 6am and work a 12 hour day, 5 days a week (with an extra 6 hours at the weekend) for my 20k and a 6 week summer holiday!
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    As a starting salary I agree its not too bad at all.

    I've no idea how you survive on 20k a year, my rent is almost as much as your gross salary. How do you manage and more importantly why do you do it, is teaching really that fullfilling? 8O
  9. I live in a two bedroom flat with my soon to be wife. That makes our rent £650 a month. Being in a city, but not London our council tax is about £1100 a year. I was commuting 65 miles a day in my car at about 36mpg - so costing well over £200 a month in fuel, then tyre costs, servicing costs etc.

    In short, only just scraping by. More in debt this year than last, mostly because of an engagement ring, wedding ring and other wedding stuff. Next year I'll be on 22k and not commuting so far, so I'm hoping to pay off some debt.

    Oh, and I do find it rewarding. I genuinely enjoy it at times. Sometimes other teachers are the biggest c0cks in the world and the kids aren't much better, but most jobs have their losers.

    Still occasionally bitter I completely and permenantly biffed myself - would be almost debt free had I been able to do orifice training + forces career (rather than my tenous (OTC) link to the forces)

  10. Mate! I'm using the (true) "I can't afford a nice ring and wedding" excuse to delay getting married! Which she has to grudgingly accept....as it's true. - It's certainly not worth (more) debt! 8O
  11. I just used a credit card. Not letting this one get away from me, she rocks. And if I don't marry her her mother will kill me. My future wife is still a virgin, honest.
  12. WTF!?!??? You've not done her yet? :? :? :?
  13. Of course not. We only "house-share", we do not "live together". We certainly have never seen each other naked, engaged in horizontal jogging, dogging, upside down dogging or anything remotely sexual.

    Her mother could be anywhere. She's probably hacked my arrse account already and I need to be very, very careful :D
  14. Understood ;)