Wannabes and Pretenders

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Benjamin1876, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Just joined, live in Australia, and have found two sites that highlight the number of people who pretend they are veterans and claim service they never did, or they are veterans, and also claim service they never did, and to make it even worse, they wear medals they never earned, and even worse, they wear them to commemoration services like Anzac Day parades, Armistice Day/Remembrance Day services on 11th November. The two sites on the web are Australian and New Zealand Military Imposters (ANZMI) and Australian Veteran Matters (AVM).

    I have been looking for a similar site that does the same for imposters in the UK, cant find one, or is it that British people would not pretend to be veterans and wear medals they are not entitled to. If there is a site, would somebody please let me know. I know there is a site that does the same in the USA, and I read the sites for light entertainment and laugh at the lengths some of them go to, then found a few blokes with whom I had served in the Army, caught wearing medals they are not entitled to, and felt sorry to see some who had been good soldiers in their day reduced to pretending to themselves they were something they are not. The wearing of unearned medals in Australia is a criminal offence with a fine of $3000 I think, it could even be more.
  2. We have a real problem with a one eyed walt wearing a "World Statesman of the year award".
  3. G'day Jacko, welcome to ARRSE. I don't think that there is a UK equivalent to ANZMI-which (I think) is actually based in the US for some unknown reason!

    Check the 'Walts' thread in the Australia forum for the sorry tale of my own attempt at Walt-busting. Waltenkommando beware!

    I AM A WALT WALT! Oh the shame... :oops:
  4. We've plenty of them - Shortt, McIlwraith and the very recent Colcough - but, despite the petition currently up , it hasn't been illegal since the three service discipline acts were revoked by the Armed Forces Act 2006, which did not include any suitable offence. Even then, I am not aware of any prosecutions, never mind recent, under s197 of the Army Act 1955, which made wearing medals or decorations without appropriate authority:

    As for a site - Arrse seems to do a reasonable job and gets regularly itself picked up by the print media - see here: http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Walts
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    That's not the Nobel Peace Prize dude with the tan is it?
  6. I have read through this thread and tried to follow up notes about Walts (as you seem to call wannabes and pretenders) and can find very little in the same vein as that contained in the ANZMI site. If you check that site, you will even find some of the pretenders are British defence force force pretenders, with medals like the medal for the Falklands etc that they were not entitled to, among others, and an ex QARANC nurse who claims she served in Vietnam and was responsible for the embalming of Aust war dead, even though embalming of Aust soldiers was not in fact carried out at all, those two are among a few who claim British service and wear medals, then are outed as wannabes by ANZMI. Doesnt really matter if the site is managed from the USA, it does a good job, and does check all details first, as our Freedom of Information Act in Aust now means they can get the military records of the people once they are from more than 30 years ago, as was WW2, Korea, Malayan Emergency, Confrontation, Vietnam and a few others.