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Well at least you have not been distracted by online porn, so your work effect is tardy through lack of motivation, not masturbation.

Go and have a look at the pile of unpaid bills, that usually does the trick.
Wife will be home soon.
As to unpaid bills, that's why I have a day job! I'm still at the embryonic Writer stage. The one where he does the writing and research as a hobby and works a full time low paid job during the day. Only at night does he become part of the Authour Master Race!
Free download until 26th June 2019, my late father's biographical of RAF life

Kindle download page

The book paints a fascinating picture of air force life in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, which includes the period when the Cold War came close to becoming the very opposite.

"One of the Wellingtons had begun an overshoot, but as the engines reached full power the nose had shot skywards, the aircraft had climbed for a moment then stall-turned into the ground and burned.
As they started the overshoot, the instructor had said “I have control”, taken the backthrust from the elevators, and his backrest had broken away under the strain. He had gone over backwards, still holding the wheel. That was all that it had taken to kill three men."

"A vital procedure to practise in the simulator was the escape manoeuvre. They would need to be five miles away at bomb-burst and running away from the pressure wave but some had not thought it through. Survival required an instant tight, diving turn while closing the bomb doors and pushing the aircraft to its limiting speed. Less imaginative captains would ask how far away they were at bomb-burst and I would measure the distance between their position on my screen and the projected position of the explosion and report...

“Three-quarters of a mile.”

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Free Index program I recently found:
Index Generator

It allows you to run up an index quite quickly. Considering publishers charge you for creating an index this can be quite the money saver. On my next book the Publisher was talking about a £250 bill to do the Indexing for me. They did point out it's better to have someone familiar with the subject do it, as they are able to highlight important bits that a normal person would miss.

Equally when indexing it highlights typos and spelling errors. I had two consecutive lines start with the same word, a person's name. Neither was spelled correctly.

The index program looks like this, once you've fed your Final proof into it in PDF form:

(Yes it is from my tank book, no its not some seedy erotic novel)

When you want to include a word, just click the button on the left hand pane to mark it for inclusion. It brings up the text in the bottom right window. The two arrows above that allow you to flick left or right through entries for the word, and if you want to exclude it (EG the word is in the picture credits or its got another meaning) just uncheck the 'include page' box. an example for mine would be L118 105mm light gun, Vs L7 105mm gun. If I selected 105mm it would clump both together. So I went through and unchecked all the pages referencing the L118.

A the end you just tell it to kick out a Word, or Text file that you can then edit, and you're done. The editing for me was stuff like adding names. I checked 'Montgomery', and the program kicked out every time I used that word. So in the Word document I found the name, and Added 'Sir Bernard Law', to it.

It allowed me to index a 55,000 word book in just under two weeks, with maybe an hours work a day. That was also for a first time user, and I made mistakes.
A very good online printer for paperbacks was CreateSpace with its easy, well thought out creation process. Amazon kindle expanded into the dead wood book biz and bought them out, probably because CreateSpace was superior. Did Amazon then use that very superior process for its own site? Like hell, you do not even get a full screen in order to check your book cover and back cover description. Forget the generous seeming word count limit for the description, unless you really do want your text too small to read. Ignore the 'shrink to fit' process and instead just patch and paste your description from your own book file into the tiny 1" x 1.5" window. I guarantee that a readable font size will mean that you may have to edit your original description a couple of times, though.
Alternatively, use Lulu.com instead. Not quite as swearing free a process as CreateSpace but far better than Amazon's offering, and free, of course.

Lulu - online Print-on-Demand


War Hero
(Yes it is from my tank book, no its not some seedy erotic novel)
Please, then, explain the vibrators, vixen and viscosa.
Please, then, explain the vibrators, vixen and viscosa.
I was wondering if anyone would spot that.

Vibrators is for items added to mine rollers to increase their efficiency.
Vixen is the FV722 Vixen
VIscosa is the Italian company when they were building artillery rockets.

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