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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by PsyCop, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. In my job I meet a lot of people, more recently, we have been seeing a lot of 'ex soldiers' coming to our hospital trying to get themselves admitted, claiming severe PTSD.

    This guy claimed to be a Colour Sergeant with 3 Rifles in Edinburgh, then a month or two later said he was with 42 Commandos, apparently using photo of fallen hero..


    Following two are believed to be same bloke -


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  2. PTSD is the new ADHD.

    I coined that myself (ages ago actually). Still got copyright though.
  3. Scarcely new, shysters were getting themselves admitted to local psych wards during Vietnam with that wheeze. Quite why anyone would feign mental illness in this way is entirely beyond me.
  4. Its the implication.
    People do it to imply that they have, in their past, been a steely eyed dealer of death who single handedly dug up cheese-reeking sludge from Kosovoan mass graves or "saw things down the gulf". Just a different angle of walting really.
    There's two of the fuckers at our place claim they have it due to "Being in the Gulf war".

    Daft twats don't realise I have access to their personnel file and know their work history!
  5. In my current post we have a guy who states he was on the Chinnok that crashed into scotland in 1992. (no survivors) He will fluctuate between SAS and Para and Royal Anglians (dont ask)
    He always comes in this time of year as he gets bleary eyed and suicidal, so they admit him.
    It is sad, but he is ill, and its all he has got.
    I dont know if he actually believes what he says but there is a sadness about it. ANd it is warmer in hospotal than out on the streets.
  6. Claiming to have PTSD is one thing,claiming to be able to cure it is quite another thing altogether.

    As David Powell states above, some of these loons are clearly ill and need help regardless of what theyre spouting.
  7. There used to be a few of these when I was in, we called them er, bifs, or malingerers?
  8. aybe another slant to it if your admitted to the nut house you can get your debt written off up here in Scotland.

  9. Has Gordon Brown thought of that wheeze?

    Can we get a fucking refund?
  10. There is another angle here Mr Powell. It is also possible that YOU SEE DEAD PEOPLE. C'nappen, I've seen it on the telly, Bruce Willis told me.
  11. Sadly opposite, i see dumb people
  12. Had to deal with somebody who wanted me to write a letter to the queen demanding his medals that were awarded for his undercover anti terrorist work as an ARMY CADET!
    Completely off his trolley.

    His history was pretty horrific which explained his desire not to be part of this reality :(
    Mocked something up he seemed happy enough with it. THe seriously ill rant really Walting they are mentally I'll .

  13. The Two para Reg Facebook account know a shit load of folk I also knows....All Ex Regular and TA types and not one of them is the least bit shadey or would have any truck with anyone who is......you sure its the same chap ?
  14. The original Facebook account is now showing as unavailable, funny old thing