Wannabe Rock Stars need your help

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by losttheplot, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. are awesome, I am going to vote and jump on the Bare Feat Bandwagon

  2. are going to get my vote, but only to stop spotty students winning

  3. Are ok, I am going to buy the CD but will vote anyway

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  4. get the green vote, but dont even think of strumming that guitar anywhere near me

  5. r gr8, i m oldr than 14 and no how 2 txt so im votin 4 em

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  6. are not getting my vote, not my thing

  1. This is a plea for help from some struggling rock stars in the making...

    We are a group of service personnel, trying to make a name for ourselves in the bright lights of the world of ROCK. Based in Cyprus and playing the local NAAFI, messes and suchlike, we think we have got a good thing going.

    Now before you think sod that, better things to do with my time or whatever, please take the time to look and vote for us on the following site:

    Popworld - Bare Feat

    Why bother? I hear the more cynical and battle hardened amongst you.

    Looking at the blurb from the previous winners who seemed to employ all thier families and friends to sit and vote repeatedly, you don't need to be awesome to win, just have friends in low places.

    To hear more about the band, and listen to some more of our tunes, take a look at The Bare Feat Website

    We aren't sponsored, we don't get any money from our parent Unit, we just got up of our Arrses and did something a little different.

    So what is in it for you?

    The self satisfaction of knowing that If we win, YOU put us there.

    What is in it for us?

    If we win, we will get the chance to get on TV.

    Feel free to add comments to the web page although illiterate 14 year olds using text speak will be hunted down and forced to text friends the entire contents of the Oxford English Dictionary. Longhand.

    If anyone does look at the sites, and likes what you see, please spread the word.

    Trolls welcome, just vote for us as you post...

    [flash width=468 height=60]http://www.barefeat.me.uk/images/bare%20feat.swf[/flash]
  2. i play guitar but i am in the uk.
    an would love to be in a band.
    pm me for more info.
  3. Tone death singer…
    Guitarist who’s just got the hang of power cords…

    Sounds like my old band, although we were more 90s grunge than 80s hair band :D

    Nice one feet, keep dry bumming those cats :headbang:
  4. Mods,

    Can we get this shite advertising/promotion binned?
  5. Fair comment, but being in the Arrse end of nowhere with no friends, it's difficult to spread the word. Ayios Nikolaos is a small community on a small Island, and it is frustrating to be stuck out here, without the benefits of being able to do the local Club gig thing.

    Is it the content you object to, or the fact that I am asking Arrse members for thier support that grits your shit?

    Your thoughts please.
  6. lostheplot I thought it was cool but as I'm off to Cyprus for my hols tell me about the giant vodka red bulls !!
  7. lost.

    Did you get the permission of the Mod's to post this drivel?

    And I've heard alleycats produce better music than that....
  8. Gents you re a bit poo

    Why don't you get a myspace account that's what most unsigned bands do these days
  9. Primal scream / aerosmith / dean martin
    I liked it!

    But then i am the sole member of the "rript colostomy atak" fanclub.
  10. I've got a huge cock that I can swing about on stage, get the groupies in for ya'. You're not a gay band are you per chance?!!!
  11. Doom and gloom.



    Zodiac Karaoke bar in Protaras. They serve up a 3 ft Vase brimming with the stuff. Cy£14. Not 100% sure on the potency but I can't remember ever getting a taxi home


    We are belt feeding everywhere to raise our profile. I was hoping the good people of ARRSE could help to spread the word.


    so the quality of the music the issue then?
  12. How well do you think you would do in Eurovision seeing as Lordi have kicked the doors in?
  13. I like it
  14. You gotta fancy our chances.... We could combine the schoolgirl outfit clad dancers from Daz Sampsons effort with the Pyrotechnics from Lordi. We might even recruit the mental Harry Hill lookalike to dance in a bizarre manner during our performance. While we all wear Arrse Tshirts?

    Got to be worth a vote, and might keep us out of Tony Blair's grasp for a while...