Wannabe Entrepreneur?

Then you may be interested in the following:

Heropreneurs - www.heropreneurs.co.uk - is a charity that provides mentoring and advice for ex-military entrepreneurs. They also provide a range of events, and have invited Ben Brabyn, on of the co-founders of www.thistribe.com, to take part in a presentation with Stuart Nicol, a former Argyll and Sutherland Highlander, venture capitalist and Heropreneurs trustee. The event is in London on 12 March. It will cover the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, pitfalls to watch out for, networking, market research and managing money. Whether you're considering starting a business or already getting on with it, this event could save you some pain and increase your chances of success!
If you're interested in going then more details here - Death or Glory! How to Thrive as an Ex-Military Entrepreneur - Eventbrite
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