Wanna Zanu boogie

Zanu has already instituted programmes to grab folk in their 50s off the street without any university quals and stick them in schools. You may not have noticed, but I did because I have many friends in the medical prof, they have a similar programme for medicine...fasttrack doctors. I'll be honest, I've thought about that career route and I know what they are about. In a serioius sit, without training, I reckon I could cope, just.and I would use the ends of my ability. Your life, whose hands? Can you imagine what it will be like when defence is privatised entirely?
What are you talking about? Stop licking toads.

Edited to add: On second thoughts, forget I asked. I just looked at some of the other gems you've posted today. Forget I asked and forget you posted. Then forget to brethe.
Breathe is the correct spelling, and glad you bothered to check up on today's input, more than I could be bothered to do. Just winding down from a divorce, if that serves as any kind of explanation. Bigger, better, stronger and much, much wiser. Just not today. Sorry.

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