Wanna pish the wife & kids off next Monday night???

Monday 9th June's TV Line Up...

1900Hrs BBC2-Ray Mears goes Walkabout...

2000Hrs BBC2-Springwatch with Kate Humble...

2030Hrs BBC1-Panorama;What Happened After Taking on the Taliban? A chance to catch up with the soldiers filmed taking on the Taliban,Some of whome are leaving the army...

2100Hrs-ITV4-Ultimate Force "The Changing of the Guard"
2100Hrs-Channel 5-Warship

2305Hrs-ITV4-Commando,On The Front Line "Carrot & Stick"

0010Hrs-ITV4-Mc Arthur

That should do it! :twisted:
Good job I'm not maried - aside from McArthur (after my bedtime) and Ultimate Farce (Mr P has the dvd) that sums up my viewing timetable for the evening :D

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