Wanna know why your JPA is kranken?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Its because your clerks are pump.

    My posse have pretty much nil problems, because our clerks are on the ball.

    Does anyone think that Glasgow decide, at random, to f*ck up admin?

    No; its pump clerking at your unit that does this.

  2. Er ...
  3. Stand by, stand by.

    If you answered your phone, I would have told you the same thing.

    If you've got a fucking problem with JPA or your clerks, call me. Don't fucking slate us on the internet.

    I eagerly await your retraction and a big kiss arrse apology.

    Dale x
  4. WTF? Totally random comments out of the blue? :roll:

    Whose admin is screwed up? Generally speaking the clerks I deal with are white hot in terms of getting stuff done., kudos to them :-D
  5. IIRC our clerks are always on the ball, its just the soldiers expecting miracles that throw the proverbial spanner....
  6. Never had a problem with the Clerks myself
  7. Most of you have missed the point, which is to explain why JPA might seem to be broken. You've said that yours is fine, ( not Dale, who is just pished. Not in the TA, either. ) )

    Its the unit clerks that knacker JPA, not Glasgow.
  8. May I ask what "pump clerking" is?

  9. You just have.
  10. Not too sure about that, want to transfer out of this unit? Simple! Give us a PID and away you go... want to transfer into this unit? We'll give your unit a PID, and for some reason they'll send the form to Glasgow and it'll take 3 months longer! (Now I admit this could be classed as the "Clerks" fault since they sent it to APC instead of doing it themselves)
  11. Thanks for that Bravo bravo.

    Can you answer the question then?
  12. Thats not at all childish.....
  13. You smell of wee wee.

  14. Much!