Wanna join up.

Hi. This is pretty much the same post i put in he Infanty section. whats the life like, are there a good bunch of lads in the RA? best jobs to go for (no officer carrers)? my cousin is in 32nd reg and he hates it.
I've looked at all the RA jobs but can't decide between AS90 or 105mm. Which offers the most varied / interesting career. I dont wanna spend every day spanner-monkeyin, otherwise i'd join REME!
AS90 is a spanner monkey track bashing job, BALKANS, BALKANS, BALKANS get the pic. 105mm is a more deployable piece of kit, no tarcks therefor no bashing. Will get 29 CDO email later but try 7 PARA RHA on info@7pararha.mod.uk see if they can shed light GOOD LUCK.
Hard man wannabe:
Considering that 40 Regt did Telic 2, 26 are on Telic 3 and 1 RHA are about to go on Telic 4, whilst 3 RHA are in Cyprus - all in the infantry role, you could say that you get to do far more variety in an AS90 unit. If you want to get beasted and massage your ego by badging up your arms- go 7 RHA or 29. You'll like it. You are, after all, a wannabe!
You forgot to mention that 7 and 29 actually fought in Iraq, not POLICED in it.


26 Regt and 3RHA also faught on TELIC 1 too, don't forget.
7th and 29 weren't the only Gunner units in the war, thankyerhairycruch!!
I think what papa is getting at is the plain and simple fact that 7 and 29 were so wrapped up in themselves, they didn't even know who else was there- or they are so slow on the uptake they still haven't realised...

At the end of the day, you want to join, you decide.
RA units out there!!!

3 RHA (Inc 26 Regt RA, 4 Regt RA and others)

7 Para
32 Regt

Therefore loads of RA pax in Gulf the Rerun

Everyone knew what was going on by the way cynical nig :x
Sorry, big, bad 'goatbag'!

Didn't realise you held a candle for 7 or 29- explains your contribution on certain other pages.

I notice your image resembles you somewhat, in that he is clearly thinning on top, much like yourself!
I know they're hairy benders and they only did POW duties but 12 Regt were there aswell
For girls is the RA any good, or as one regular officer i spoke to recently put it, is it a case of the ultimate job in the gunners is a foo, and despite girls being allowed to do it, they will never able to the job as well, and will therefore be 2nd class foos, so therefore it is better to join something you can be the best at?
Well, it's the closest you'll get to the front line as a woman, if that's what floats your boat.


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I, being biased firmly believe the RA to be an excellant reg, not the best reg but AN excellant one. For a Bird though alot of teh female officers join to ski or get pumped rotten, even if you dont do that there will still be the stigma, if your willing to put up with that in the Mess then by all means join the Regiment
Interesting how many of the replies seem to emanate from a. OTC types b. STABs. Neither have much relevance if you are joining as a soldier in the regular army.

though alot of teh female officers join to ski or get pumped rotten
And how, pray, would you know? Get told this on Brief Encounter as you propped up the bar with the drippiest subbie on YOs as the rest of his muckers were busy getting their end away with the WOCdts?

And what's this stigma? In every regiment I've served in there has been no stigma unless it was thoroughly well deserved. And why the f**k can't a female FOO in an OPV be just as good as her male counterpart. Don't start spouting that 'dismounted/Coy 2 ic' crap at me, or I'll come and lamp your cheeky young hide.

At least they join, jash.


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I am joining
didnt hear from a subbie at brief encounter, too busy enjoying myself to listen to a 3 hour when i was in sandhurst story.

However as i was lucky enough to get bursared i Spent time with 19, 16 and 47 regs, I was told the skiing/shagging thing by a LT (female, in 16, she was fairly disponded and was looking at leaving (already) while i then brought it up when i was in 47 to see if it was reg wide and a capt (female) gave the point of just getting on with it sometimes raising its head but if you get on with the job and let it be the jokes comments stop, so depends on the person but i thought two officers in two differnet regs with that oppinion,well.... im sorry if you dont aggree but hey, an opinion is an opinion,

Should i wait till ive served reg 10 years before i make an opinion??

I do aggree though Ive known people who have heard a pissed subbies opinion and then spout it as their own, if thats the impression i gave im sorry but fauna isnt going to get that from a recruiting officer with a quota to fill


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well im sorry if my writing skills arent up to your standards, ill go and enroll in a class this minute and hopefully get to the aquired standard in 5-10 yrs, but to stay on point, were you gunners did you ever hear see this attitude?
You're clearly taking the p*ss. But that presumes that you can actually write like an adult. Which you can't.

Don't understand your burst transmission of a question. Please repeat, and use punctuation. This is punctuation: . , ; ' ! ?


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ill repeat if and or when you actually answer my question till then ill live happily in the land without grammer or punctuation

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