wanna chat

xxLadybirdxx said:
Hi there, anyone wanna chat to pass time, plz contact me xx
Opening line of the century!

It may work in your favour to add a little description about you and your intentions.
Hi ladies! wanna chat, I'm a colossal pervert with all the social charms and grace of a Klingon who has been at the Romulan Wine also my intentions are entirely dishonorable...

Does that work?
Hi ladybird,as long as you are female and above legal age and below pention age,pulse is a must,I am stuck in the sandpit bored to hell so I will chat with you :D
More evidence required, and judging by the number of xxLxx's posts, not returning to see the consequences.
I confess, had first 'chat' expereince recently (sad, I know) with a fair amount of sex talk from 'Fiona', mention of 'uniforms' as a hobby etc. Then came the classic line from 'her': I love having my c0ck sucked and b@lls squeezed. Nasty. Luckily, vinegar stroke not reached.