wanna chat


T C why does she have to have a pulse, your to fussy mate.
Enough of this idle chit chat you saucy little minx, a kiss from those soft lips then back to my place for some out of area operations.
xxLadybirdxx said:
Hi there, anyone wanna chat to pass time, plz contact me xx
Opening line of the century!

It may work in your favour to add a little description about you and your intentions.


Thanks for clearing that up T C.

Anyway just like to say welcome to Ladybird. Im sure she is lovely.
Hi ladies! wanna chat, I'm a colossal pervert with all the social charms and grace of a Klingon who has been at the Romulan Wine also my intentions are entirely dishonorable...

Does that work?
What is this site turning into with posts like that?! xxLadybirdxx i suggest you try googling faceparty
Hi ladybird,as long as you are female and above legal age and below pention age,pulse is a must,I am stuck in the sandpit bored to hell so I will chat with you :D
are you 35, brown eyed and from the London area? I will then
More evidence required, and judging by the number of xxLxx's posts, not returning to see the consequences.
I confess, had first 'chat' expereince recently (sad, I know) with a fair amount of sex talk from 'Fiona', mention of 'uniforms' as a hobby etc. Then came the classic line from 'her': I love having my c0ck sucked and b@lls squeezed. Nasty. Luckily, vinegar stroke not reached.
What would you like to talk about?
As long as it's about senciple things and not about fluffy handbags then I am always open for a chat.

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