Wanna Change Your Name?

Elrond Felagund

Quite cool may use it

ORG typed in his name, and they said f**k you are already a fat stumpy pixie :D
Well, I got:

Findecano Teirunya (sounds like the Albanian entry for the eurovision Song Contest)


Olo-Gamgee ? (Anybody fancy a Ruby?) Took of Bywater (sounds like a f*ckin' crime scene)

Think I'll just stick to my own name thanks..........Englebert Aluisios Hardcastle-Presley........ of Gateshead.
Well I have been asking myself if you were a Bird Or Bloke (BOB) Lippy. Can't be too sure on this site. :lol:
I just typed in 'lord flasheart'

Result = Anglian backslider :D

How does it know
Valandil Nalatari here think I shall stick to the real name. Masy use that when out on the town and not wishing to give the real name to the chicks!!!!

With a name like that do you think he will let me on the board at Chealski


Fëanáro Narmolanya what a nice little elf name :lol:

hobbit name is more to my liking
Dimple Deepdelver of Brockenborings


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