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From another site-
RDFMedia are the award-winning makers of 'Faking It' and 'Scrapheap Challenge.' We are making a new prime-time show for C4 called 'Zero to Hero' where a group of lads who for various reasons need a boot up the backside, receive around 3 weeks of military-style training. The plan being that we'll see how much difference it makes to their attitudes and lives. I'm looking for ex-para and ex-RM INSTRUCTORS to be our trainers. It's a paid gig. Give me a call for more information, asap. Tiffany Jones 0207 013 4596 or email tiffany.jones@rdfmedia.com
Re the National Service thing. Our Chaplain was the Chaplain on that programme lads army, and they are making a follow up at the moment where all the people say how it changed their lives.

I think 3 joined up properly, and basically they all loved it.
Tiffany Jones?.......sounds like a porn star. Are you sure about the programme content? It's not a film called 'Tiffany does 16 Air Mobile' is it?
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