Wanna be on the telly?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by error_unknown, Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. From another site-
    RDFMedia are the award-winning makers of 'Faking It' and 'Scrapheap Challenge.' We are making a new prime-time show for C4 called 'Zero to Hero' where a group of lads who for various reasons need a boot up the backside, receive around 3 weeks of military-style training. The plan being that we'll see how much difference it makes to their attitudes and lives. I'm looking for ex-para and ex-RM INSTRUCTORS to be our trainers. It's a paid gig. Give me a call for more information, asap. Tiffany Jones 0207 013 4596 or email tiffany.jones@rdfmedia.com
    ...and then we'll have proof that National Service works....
  3. had any heavy breathers yet?
  4. Re the National Service thing. Our Chaplain was the Chaplain on that programme lads army, and they are making a follow up at the moment where all the people say how it changed their lives.

    I think 3 joined up properly, and basically they all loved it.
  5. Tiffany Jones?.......sounds like a porn star. Are you sure about the programme content? It's not a film called 'Tiffany does 16 Air Mobile' is it?